Fossenibba, Aug 28 2022

Fossenibba (2018)
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
28.08.22 Fossenibba 1267m 105m Stranda, Norway

Sunday: The weather was supposed to be nice, and I really, really wanted to get a new pf100 top. But I didn’t feel like driving for 2-3 hours to get one. 

After the maps got 1m contours, some pf90+ mountains are “upgraded” to pf100 tops, and I decided to check the maps in case I had missed one.

And I had missed one! Fossenibba in Røyrhusdalen – along the mountain ridge that separates Stryn and Sunnmøre mountains. This meant I had to take the trip to Røyrhussætra one more time – 4 years after doing the Ørnefjellet – Rasmusfjellet hike. But that was OK, as the drive was only 1,5 hours.

If you’re interested in this area, you can also check out the trip report from Kalvedalsegga.

As I said – the weather was supposed to be quite nice. But when I drove along Austefjorden, it was difficult to keep the faith. My only comfort was that sometimes, the weather on the other side of Kvivstunnelen could be dramatically different.


“Dramatically” is not the word I would use today, but at least the weather was *better*. Now, if only the fog could lift…

Røyrhusdalen valley ahead

Opposed to June 2018, the cows were out now. That was a game changer. The cows occupied the area by the Røyrhussætra cabins, which meant that I could not park there or walk through there with the dog. I mean, I could of course. If I didn’t have a problem with cows doing unspeakable things to the car and assuming the cows would love Karma to death.

Best to start from down here

Instead, I parked at the bottom of the hill and went off-trail into the bush. That was not pleasant at all, but soon we were out of the thickest bush.

Avoiding the cows…

We now had the mountain straight ahead of us. It was just a matter of staying clear of any cows that were out here. I could see them up the mountain, and so I picked the route that would hopefully not disturb them.

Going straight up!

I had given up on the fog to lift. I was now just happy with getting a new pf100 top. It annoyed me slightly that in 2018, I skipped this top as being below 100m prominence, it wasn’t on my primary radar. We were just 0,7km away from the top – when hiking up to Ørnefjellet.

The fog is just not lifting…

But today, it would be “in the bag”, although with fog…

On top of Fossenibba

We took a different route down, only slightly touching our ascent route at around 750m. Going down is easier than going up, in terms of picking the least annoying route.

Our 6km off-trail journey is about to come to an end

Back on the Røyrhusdalen road, I sent Karma in the river to lose some of the cow shit we had been stepping on for the past hours.

Good idea! Drink while getting rid of the cow shit…

I drove home, very happy with new pf100 top #54 in 2022. The goal of getting 100 new pf100 tops got cancelled along with Covid. Plus – I am tired of the driving. The new goal is “just” 50 and anything above that is a bonus!

Our route up and down Fossenibba

Trip statistics: 6km, 760 vertical meters, 2h:27m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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