Easter: Apr 17 2019 – Skinnarlandnuten, Dyrenut, Vardan, Kråmnuten

Another gorgeous day at Møsvatn

A very happy dude on the way to Dyrenut…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Skinnarlandnuten 1052m 104m Vinje, Norway
Dyrenut (Bjønnsbufjellet) 1142m 169m Vinje, Norway
Vardan 1055m 112m Vinje, Norway
Kråmnuten 1022m 103m Vinje, Norway
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Skinnarlandnuten (1052m)

The trips today

Wednesday: And the weather was stunning again! Today, we had planned a round trip across 3 tops on the peninsula where Varland is. I also saw the opportunity of visiting the high point on Kråmøyi island. In other words – “bonanza day” ahead…

But first, a 4,1km transport leg from Hovdeøyi to the garage at Varland…

The tops we are heading for is on the penisula ahead

Our starting point for the round trip was more than 4km down the road. So, we decided to take the car. As long as roads are involved, it’s OK to be lazy.

We parked near Martinviki and headed south in the direction of Kringlehaug and Skinnarlandnuten.

The snow was simply EPIC!

I *loved* being in the outskirts of the Hardangervidda National Park. The mountains were surely not as alpine as home in Møre og Romsdal, or as massive as in Anne’s county Sogn og Fjordane, but there were dramatic in their own way…

Hardangervidda is for the most part gentle terrain, but there are steep sides also…

The 1,5km leg up to Skinnarlandnuten didn’t take long and by 11:09, the first top was “in the bag”.

On Skinnarlandnuten

Dyrenut (1142m)

Dyrenut in center

Next up was Dyrenut on Bjønnsbufjellet – a 2,9km ski-trip to the east from Skinnarlandnuten.

By now we had learned that we could ski just about anywhere in these mountains, so we just headed straight into the forest, assuming that we would find a nice route down to Listaul. Which we did. From there, we had a nice and easy ascent towards Dyrenut.

On our way to Dyrenut. Skinnarlandnuten in the background.

I had only one worry in the whole wide world right now, and that was Karma’s eyes and the sun reflecting on the white snow. Snow blindness was the least thing I wished for her. I made a promise to myself to get some dog goggles before next winter…

The final hill to Dyrenut

The final hill to Dyrenut was a little too steep for Anne’s skis and skins, who chose to ascend on foot…

Anne arrives on Dyrenut. Karma is eager to get the team back together…

Vardan (1055m)

The last top on our round trip was Vardan – a 5,8km ski-trip northwest from Dyrenut. The temperature had now increased significantly, so my skis weren’t flowing very good. However, Anne blasted past me. I made another promise to myself – to “glide” the skis once back at the cabin.

OK, just rub it in…

The ski-trip down- and up to Vardan was uneventful, but nevertheless very nice!

Vardan – somewhere behind that forest ridge

When we reached the top of Vardan, we could see both Skinnarlandnuten and Dyrenut, and it looked like we had covered quite a big distance. But in reality, we had only skied 10km

On Vardan – and the other tops in the background

From the top, I could zoom in to our “base-camp” on Hovdeøyi…

Hovdeøyi and our base-camp

We skied the remaining 2,7km back to the car and discussed what to do next. The outcome was that Anne would relax by the garage while I skied to Kråmnuten.

Kråmnuten (1022m)

Kråmnuten on Kråmøyi island (in center)

Anne dropped me off east of Kråmøyi, and I took a direct course towards the island.

On my way to Kråmøyi

I kept a moderately good pace and reached the top 25 minutes after parting with Anne. The distance to the top was only 2,6km, but the snow was now getting quite soft and it was a struggle in the forest section.

On top of Kråmnuten

Upon return, I took a direct bearing for the Varland garages. Keeping a steady course wasn’t difficult, as I could see them all the time.

Heading for the garages

There, I found Anne and Karma relaxing by the car (I bet Anne was happy I have my camping chair in the car…)

Joining Anne and Karma again

The backpack was much heavier on our way back to the island (3,8km). This time I had brought the beer I forgot to bring on Sunday. No complaints, though. This somewhat falls into the category “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother“…

On our way back to Hovdeøyi

Back at the cabin, it was time to look like proper Norwegian Easter tourists!

This is also Easter… (they say…)

And my “100 New pf100 top 2019” project now counted 9 tops! 91 to go. Still, too early to say if it would be realistic to reach 100…

Trip statistics: 25,8km, 600 vertical meters (both trips, total)

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

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