Easter: Apr 22 2019 – Høgelia, Tjørnåsheia, Fløyen

Last day of Easter…

Highlight of the day…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Høgelia 527m 100m Høyanger, Norway
Tjørnåsheia 605m 247m Høyanger, Norway
Mylsdalsnipa 513m 37m Høyanger, Norway
Fløyen 513m 145m Høyanger, Norway
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Monday: The last day of Easter was spent on getting home from Sogndal. Preferably with some new tops “in the bag”.

I had scouted the map for a round trip hike that would give me (at least) 3 new tops, and I found what I was looking for, in Høyanger. To be more precise – Bossdalen – just northeast of Lavik. I knew Bossdalen from my hike to Fuglefjellet in 2017.

My route today; Bossdalen – Høgelia – Tjørnåsheia – Fløyen

From Bossdalen, I decided to follow the path to Kvamsstølen, and then break off towards Høgelia.

On the path to Kvamsstølen

The path towards Kvamsstølen was nice and easy to follow, and I decided to leave it after 1,2km. I found another path, less visible, but sort of marked, leading me up to the south ridge below Høgelia.

On the path to Kvamsstølen

It was nice to rise above the forest…

Lake Vasslitja

And the Sognefjord view was quite welcome too…

Sognefjorden – the longest fjord in Norway

Then we reached the top og Høgelia – our first top for the day.

On Høgelia, with Tjørnåsheia in the background

Next, we moved on towards Tjørnåsheia – 1,5km west of Høgelia. The walk itself would of course be slightly longer, but still – short. On the way up, I came across a marked path, coming from Lavik.

On our way up Tjørnåsheia

The (unmarked) high point was found 90 meters west of the cairn. The average hikers doesn’t care about these details, but I do!

On Tjørnåsheia high point, with Lifjell (Hyllestad) in the background

The hike had been quite easy so far, and now I only had one more top on my list – Fløyen. On my way down from Tjørnåsheia, I met an elder man coming up from Lavik. He was from Bossdalen. I asked him if there was a neat route down the east side, but he said I definitely should head north/northeast into the top of Bossdalen. So, I decided I would…

On our way to Fløyen (left). Høgelia to the right. 

Eventually, we reached the Myldalsnipa – Fløyen ridge. Both tops was seemingly 513m, so I had to visit both. I later found that Fløyen is 3cm higher than Myldalsnipa, so that becomes the prominent top on this ridge.

On our way to Myldalsnipa

It was only 2pm in the afternoon, and I wished there were more new tops in this region that I could also do, but there wasn’t. Kind of good and bad news at the same time…

We moved on towards Fløyen and celebrated our 3rd new top for the day…

On Fløyen

Time for descent, and I noticed that there was a forest road only 200 meters north of the summit. I decided to follow it back to the car, even if it meant 3km along a road…

Towards the forest road in Bossdalen

The hike down the road seemed to be utterly boring, but then I came across a HEAP of frogs in the river. My initial guess was that they had just been born, given the amount (there had to be hundreds…), but they seemed quite big. I don’t know. I’m no expert on frogs, or animals in general. But it was cool to watch.


We continued down the road, and I could see that many frogs had attempted to cross the road and ended up as roadkill, even though there isn’t a whole lot of traffic up here (understatement).

Heading down Bossdalen

Eventually, we reached the car and sat course for Gurskøya. A nice end to a quite memorable Easter break!

Trip statistics: 11km, 680 vertical meters, 2h:55m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

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