Easter: Apr 14 2019 – Hovdeøyi

To Hovdeøyi

The start of an unforgettable Easter break…

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Sunday: Easter vacation was on!

Due to the hectic working period lately (company merger), I had postponed ANY planning in regards to Easter. But now that things were settling down, I found that I had time to take a proper Easter vacation.

As we normally do, we searched the net for cabins for rent, where I could get some new mountain tops. Our initial efforts didn’t produce any results and we were close to giving up when we came across a cabin for rent on Hovdeøyi – a small island on the (huge) lake Møsvatn – in the outskirts of the Hardangervidda National Park.

After speaking with the owners, we learned that we could not drive to the cabin. Either we had to ski across the lake to get there, or rent snowmobile transport. That choice was easy. We would ski!

We were quite stoked by this opportunity and said immediately YES to the rent. This was on Thursday before Easter week, and we rented the cabin from Sunday to Friday.

On Sunday morning, we drove from Sogndal to lake Møsvatn – a moderately long drive in Norwegian scale – 327km, 6 hours. We decided to drive via Geilo – Dagali – Rjukan, opposed to Voss – Ullensvang – Odda – Røldal.

At Varland, we parked the car in the garage belonging to the cabin owners. Here we packed the pulk and got ready for a slightly different kind of Easter vacation…

Soon ready to go…

The ski-trip to the cabin was only 3,8km, but with a 50-60kg pulk, I didn’t exactly FLY across the lake…

We’re on our way. Hovdeøyi in the distant…

We reached the cabin 18:40 in the evening, and was pleasantly surprised about the quality. Here, we had everything! Electricity, running water, a fireplace and even a bathtub.

This looks good!

Anne rose to the occasion and served a wonderful dinner. I had forgotten to bring the beer (!!!), but fortunately, we had red wine.

Yum! Can’t wait to dig in…

Afterwards, it was just about settling in, appreciating how lucky we were, relax and start dreaming about our upcoming trips in the week ahead…


Trip statistics: 3,8km, 1h:12m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

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