Risen, Jul 30 2021

Summer vacation, day 11

Departure from Rødøy


Peak Height PF Municipality
Risen 298m 215m Rana, Norway
Storvikåsen 109m 102m Rana, Norway

Continued from day 10

Our last day on Rødøy and we started rigging down the camp after breakfast.

It was fun, but it’s time to go…

Then it was time to say goodbye to our good neighbours.

There’s nothing like good neighbours…

Anne and Bjørn Eirik would take the kayaks back while Karma and I would walk. I had already made one walk to the trailhead this morning, to have more space in the kayaks.

So far, an even race…

I got to the cars first. Anne continued to the ferry while Bjørn Eirik and I handled the kayaks. While we were there, the same bloke that chased us away earlier in the week came back. Without being impolite, I made him understand that HE was not welcome. He turned around without saying a word.

We meet again…

We then drove to the ferry, I guess we were there around 11am. Anne was already there. After organizing our cars, we started discussing how we should spend the time. The ferry didn’t leave until 7:35pm. I was planning to scramble Raudtinden, but then a ferry came in.

This was an extra ferry which sole purpose was to take a petrol truck to Kilboghamn and one of the cars in the line had already been promised to come along. We pleaded our case (spending 2 days at Jektvika earlier in the week). In the end, they took all the cars in the line.

Yes! Straight to Kilboghamn!

This was a huge bonus! Instead of arriving in Jektvik in the evening, possibly making it to Kilboghamn and then look for a place to camp, we would get a good transport day.

The good weather window had closed. Nothing for us here now

But now what? Okstindan and the Rabot hut was out of scope due to bad weather. Bjørn Eirik had received an invitation from his uncle on Sandhornøy and made the decision to go there. Anne and I would then set the course to Brønnøysund, where my mom lives.

We parted at Kilbogham. Thanks to Bjørn Eirik for hanging out with us. We might not agree in all aspects, but I will look at these two weeks as a very good vacation!

Anne called 4-5 different hotels in Mosjøen to get a room for the night, but there were no rooms available. I then proposed Korgen Fjellstue – just a few meters from where we camped on our way north. They had rooms, and now we just had to get there before we stopped serving dinner at 7pm.

As we had plenty of time, I started looking for a place to walk the dog, and preferably get a new pf100 top while at it. Risen – just southwest of Mo i Rana seemed like the perfect candidate.

Risen (298m)

By Straumsdalselva, we left the main road and followed Husnesveien to the Risen trailhead. On the map, there wasn’t a path all the way to the top, but a woman we spoke to said that there was. Anne decided to sit this one out and then Karma and I were on our way.

Let’s do this one quickly!

This was NOT my kind of path. I want paths to go straight up, as steep as possible. This one curved a lot and I felt I was spending way too much time on this walk. But eventually, I could see the summit and found  motivation to keep up the high pace.

At least, I can now see above the forest

There wasn’t a whole lot see from the top, due to the fog. I got a picture, Karma got a treat and then we hurried back down and joined Anne 50 minutes after leaving.

On top of Risen

Trip statistics: 4,7km, 300 vertical meters, 50 minutes

Storvikåsen (109m)

As it happened, there was a forest top – Storvikåsen – in the same neighbourhood. It looked like an ultra-short walk to the top and there was still time to get one more pf100 top. Which – on a transport day – is a huge bonus and Anne decided to come along.

I am humble. They do this just for me…

After 180 meters, we reached the high point. This is for sure on the top-5 list of the shortest hikes to a pf100 top I’ve ever done.

Anne and Karma were more interested in berries

On top of Storvikåsen

Trip statistics: 0,4km, 30 vertical meters, 10 minutes

Afterwards, we drove to the top of Korgfjellet and checked into our room. The mountain was foggy, just like it was one week earlier. But after almost two weeks, we would sleep in a bed! Happy days!

Oh yeah!

And the dinner was just as we like it after a long transport day – honest and generous!

Let’s dig in!

We had a GOOD night’s sleep!

Continued on day 12

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/ Iphone8) from the day:

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