Breivktinden & Rangsundtuva, Rangsundøy, Jul 29 2021

Summer vacation, day 10

Our route on Rangsundøya island


Peak Height PF Municipality
Breiviktinden 238m 93m Rødøy, Norway
Rangsundtuva 267m 267m Rødøy, Norway

Continued from day 9

This turned out to be our last full day on Rødøy. The weather was about to change and we wanted to leave ahead of rugged sea. The sea was already a bit rugged today and the wind was quite strong. None of us felt for doing any kayaking. Anne and I had decided to take the ferry to Rangsundøy and hike some of the local tops while Bjørn Eirik wanted to go biking on Rødøy. Which is not full day project, but had of course a standing invitation to join us.

Passing Gjerdøya, with view towards Høgmana which Bjørn Eirik and I visited two days ago

I had terrible blisters on both my little toes, probably from a combination of wet socks and kayaking. It was painful to walk and I decided to minimize the pain through biking along the Rangundsøy roads.

We didn’t know anything about Rangsundøy and when we saw the cluster of buildings at Selsøyvika, we agreed to stop by there after our hike. If we were in luck, maybe we could get a cup of coffee?

Selsøyvika – visited later in the day

Then we moved on. When I stopped to take this picture I also offered to take Anne’s backpack, as I was biking. I’m as gentle as a man comes, and now I was carrying two backpacks…

Your backpack, madam?

Our first top would be Breiviktinden. We could see from the map that there was a path to the top.

Towards Breiviktinden

The path begins by a barn at Skjelstad, just after entering the island. We were observed by the locals…

Breiviktinden trailhead

We didn’t have to hike for long before realizing that one wouldn’t be totally screwed if one decided to use Rangsundøy as base for kayaking

OK, it’s nice here too…

It didn’t take too long to ascend a 238m high coastal top and the first top was officially “in the bag”. My mom told me that she had also been to this top. This is seemingly the most popular top, although it’s not the highest on the island.

Anne and Karma on top of Breiviktinden

Looking back on Rødøy, it would have been darn fun to kayak all the way to Rangsundøy. It would only have been additional 4km from where Bjørn Eirik and I turned around by Gjerdøya a few days earlier. After all, Bjørn Eirik kayaked from Hestmona to Rødøy back in 2014…

Rødøy seen from Rangsundøy

We still had one more top to do and sat course for Rangsundtuva. There are actually two tops (neighbours) with the same name. I’ve seen that Rangsundtuva 267m is also called Rangsundtinden. Applying the suffix “tinden” (peak) to these coastal tops is a very optimistic way to describe their shape and form. “Tuva” is somewhere between a hump and a peak and fits quite well, in my humble opinion..

On our way to Rangsundtuva

There wasn’t a path between Breiviktinden and Rangsundtuva, but the terrain was not complicated and we had an easy hike. And then we could celebrate a new top and my 10th *new* pf 100 top since I started my vacation.

On top of Rangsundtuva
Breiviktinden (left) and the other Rangsundtuva seen from the island high point

We do like round trip hikes, so it was only natural to see if we could find a way down the west ridge.

Descending the west ridge

We were still convinced that if one chooses Rangsundøya over Rødøy for kayaking, there would be no disappointment

A very nice coastline…

If you ask me, go anywhere on the Helgeland coastline, and you won’t be disappointed. Unless it’s raining and you’re stuck two days in a ferry queue…

Anne is a true Helgeland fan…

The west ridge suddenly got quite steep in a couple of places, but we were following something that looked more like a sheep track than a path made by humans and didn’t have any problems in finding a good route down.

The first of the two steep sides

We returned to the trailhead along the road and I got my bike back. I felt I had been limping throughout the hike and it felt really good to not touch ground for a little while.

We stopped by Selsøyvika and it turned out that they both had a local store and a cafe/restaurant and this was the first season the cafe was open!

The store in Selsøyvika

We went to the cafe to grab something to bite. We were recommended … uh I have forgotten the name … Najal (?) salmon. It was a salmon treated a specific way and named after someone. The salmon had been cured, smoked, frozen and fried and served with a mustard sauce.

The first bite was – OH MY GOD!!!!

What a meal…

That bite would have been an amazing appetizer, but as a whole meal? I was MORE than skeptical.

But it turned out that the salmon got milder the further I dug in. How clever! Apparently, this was a signature dish developed over a couple of decades. I would say they had succeeded and Klokkergården on Rødøy should just watch out!

Afterwards, we took the ferry back to Rødøy and memories from our island hopping tour in 2014 came back again. Happy days and good living.

In no particular hurry…

On the ferry, we chatted with a couple that we also met on the ferry from Rødøy. This is Helgeland. Chatting is easy.

Good spirit on the ferry

Back in camp, we got a message from Bjørn Eirik. He was grabbing a burger at the local cafe and would be late back in camp. Anne had planned to make dinner for all of us, but we weren’t really hungry after the salmon meal on Rangsundøy. She decided to fry the meat so it wouldn’t turn bad and in the process a bite or two happened to “fall in front of Karma” (being inside the tent)

Maybe she got one bite too much, because she suddenly vomiting was in progress. Normally,  have 10-15 seconds to react while she is “building volume” and I opened the tent door in one second and threw her out in the next. I thought we were all good, but then we realized that she had “delivered” all she had eaten throughout day, in a split second. On our mattresses, on our sleeping bags, on all over the goddamn place. Clean-up time!

It’s OK. We’re not angry

No worries, though. Happy days on Rødøy!

Our last day on Rødøy

It was OK to leave Rødøy now. I was sort of “done” with the place. There was nothing more I wanted to see or do.

It would be interesting to see what tomorrow would bring. The plan was the 7:35pm ferry from Rødøy. Which meant we ought to get in line quite early to ensure being on it upon departure. The original plan was to go the Okstindan glacier and also visit the Rabot hut. But the weather up there was miserable so the most likely plan that Bjørn Eirik would head back to Oslo and Anne and I would go to my mom’s place in Brønnøysund

Continued on day 11

Trip statistics: 11,1km (bike and hike), 450 vertical meters, 4 hours

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/ Iphone8) from the trip:

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