Murfjellet, Jul 23 2021

Summer vacation, day 5

My route across Murfjellet


Peak Height PF Location
Murfjellet 684m 129m Hemnes, Norway

Continued from day 4

Friday, and we started to rig down the lavvo in Raudsjødalen (Tolga). We would now begin our journey to Rødøy in Nordland where we could expect sunshine on Sunday.

As Rødøy is one of one of the more popular places on the Helgeland coastline, the ferry schedule is a pretty miserable read. Especially on weekends. A ferry would run 09:20 on Saturday morning. That mean we would have to endure one day of rain there. Hence, we focused on the next ferry – 18:15 on Sunday (!!). We knew that it was vital to get in line early on, so the plan was to get to Jektvik on Saturday evening and get in the ferry line on Sunday morning.  

That gave us two days to cover the 753km from Tynset to Jektvik, which meant that we had plenty of time to kill on our way up north.

After finishing Trøndelag county, we stopped by Majavatn to stretch our legs. We were of the impression that Bjørn Eirik had a strong connection with Majavatn. Was it through the military? No, it was while passing Majavatn he discovered Tove Lo on the radio 😉

Pause at Majavatn

I have probably have a stronger connection. First of all, Majavatn means I’m close to the Brønnøysund fork – which means close to my childhood paradise. Secondly, this is where I ended up in the forest back i 1995 while driving on the most icy road imaginable – with stud-free tires. That was a game changer with respect to my choice of tires.

Pause at Majavatn. Impressive sea fog moving in!

We kept on going to Mosjøen, and Anne had made a reservation at the Indian restaurant. Good food!

At Indian restaurant in Mosjøen

Now the question was – where and how should we camp for the night? Along the E6 was not an option and my suggestion was on top of Korgfjellet. There is little traffic on this mountain pass after the new tunnel arrived, and there was a pf100 top nearby. It would be great to end the day with a new mountain top.

Anne and Bjørn Eirik was OK with this. The only problem was that there were not many places where it was nice to put up a tent. Boggy ground and soaking wet after rain. But by accident we stumbled upon a building owned by an ideal organization. No one were there at this hour of the day. I shall not mention the name in case we are charged for camping 😉

No, we didn’t break in. We parked outside the building. Bjørn Eirik would sleep in his car and we put the tent up.

Not 100% cozy, but practical

Now, I was at liberty to take my evening walk. I decided to let Karma stay with Anne in case she needed her paws to heal after the reindeer lichen nightmare in Raudsjødalen.

I drove up to Korgen Fjellstue (little did I know that we would be sleeping over there 2 weeks later), parked, checked the local trail map and headed out for Murfjellet.

Korgen Fjellstue

There were two trail loops and none of them passed the high point. Although the mountain was foggy there should still be enough visibility to spot the high point from a distance.

Studying the map

The path was excellent and with a good pace I covered the 2,7km to the top quite quickly. I was happy about having “bagged” my 5th pf100 top in 5 days.

Me on Murfjellet

Upon descent, I took a short-cut to the west side path and followed this path back to the trailhead. I was back at the car 10:22pm and back with the others 2 minutes later.

So far, we hadn’t had an inch of rain since we started our vacation, but this night it was raining a bit. It didn’t matter, though (other than having to pack a wet tent) as the next day would be another transport day.

Continued on day 6

Trip statistics: 17,7km, 200 vertical meters, 1h:02m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/ Iphone8) from the transport day & hike:

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