Solvorn, Sep 23-27 2017

Wonderful days in Solvorn

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Solvornnipa 1031m 81m Luster
Raudmelen 975m 45m Balestrand
Storehaug 661m 100m Luster
Nonshaug (Skinarfjellet) 886m 108m Luster
Støyvafjellet 875m 42m Gloppen
View towards Solvorn

Solvorn 23 Sep 2017

Anne and I had said yes to come to Solvorn for a few days and look after the children of a couple of good friends going on a travel. Being a programmer, I can work from anywhere where I have an internet connection, and I looked forward to some good afternoon hikes in the Solvorn region.

Sep 23 was a Saturday and marked the start of the “Strandsitjardagane” days – a celebration of the Solvorn history. The main street is packed with people dressed like in the old days. Quite fun!

Getting ready for Strandsitjardagane

There was also a photo exhibition in Solvorn, where Vegard Byrkjeland Aasen and his partners in Verimedia had a number of photos on display and for sale. Vegard’s mother and Anne are colleagues, and I decided to purchase a very nice photograph of  Store Vengetind in Romsdal (150x100cm). Once on my wall, it will be the incentive I need to take the trip to this majestic peak.



Finally it was time for a hike and I decided to visit Solvornnipa (1031m). Anne and I had hiked this top last year, but from the Sogndal side. The route from Solvorn was new to me.

My tracks up and down Solvornnipa

We (Karma and I) followed the main road up from Solvorn a little bit, parked in a sharp curve and followed a rough road until I found the marked path towards Solvornnipa.

The path went in the southeast direction until we reached the Mosavikgrovi creek. We followed the path up to Fjellstølen (680m) where I had a good view of Solvornnipa’s northeast side. Perhaps I was looking for round trip options. I normally do…

Solvornnipa seen from Fjellstølen

The path continued up to Skaret (the pass between Solvornnipa and Nonshaug) – and then some – before the path finally took the direction of the summit.

The 5,3km ascent took 1h:20m, and it was very nice to be up here again. The views explain why…

Superb view!

I was now very much in the mood for different route down, but I knew that the northeast side was quite “messy” and there was a good chance that I could end up in a situation where I could spend quite some time in finding a doable route down to Fjellstølen. But there was also big fun in the challenge and we took the chance.

Luck was on our side this time and we found a route down the rough mountain side. Back at Fjellstølen, we followed the marked path back to the trailhead. The hike took us 2h:25m.

Back in Solvorn, we took the kids out on the local cafeteria for dinner. Sour creme porridge! Yum!

Sour creme porridge!

Pictures from Saturday:


Sunday morning, and we were off to Balestrand for a soccer tournament that the kids were to participate in. Even if it was a (relatively) long drive, I always enjoy going to Balestrand. My plan was to “sneak off” a little while and run up and down Raudmelen. Not as fast as I ran in 2016, but fast enough so they wouldn’t really miss me. It would be a long day anyway…

My route up and down Raudmelen

I hung around the soccer field for a few hours then I took Karma and headed for Raudmelen. Anne would be keeping an eye on the kids. Not that they would run away…

Raudmelen seen from the soccer field

The 900 vertical meters took us exactly 60 minutes, and we did not pace it. I wasn’t really in the mood for running, so it was sort of a very-slow-jog/quick walk type of ascent. In any case, it was nice to be up here again. We didn’t waste much time. I took a few pictures and Karma got her summit-goodies and then we ran back down.

The soccer field seen from Raudmelen

We were back at the soccer field 1h:50m after leaving it, and it didn’t seem like any of the kids had noticed that I was away.

Time for prices. Who would ever miss me?

What I will remember most from this day was the INSANE ferry queue at Dragsvik. I told Anne that the three lanes to our right would get onboard, and then our lane up to the car in front of us. GUESS what happened…

Balestrand mountains seen from Hella. Raudmelen is the peak to the left.

Pictures from Sunday:


On Monday afternoon, I had the opportunity to go on a very fun hike. I had no idea that it was possible to get to Mollandsmarki from Solvorn – via the shore. I just had to try this route!

My route across Storehaug – roughly outlined

From the Solvorn ferry pier, Karma and I followed a marked path 2,2km along the shore before the route went steep up the forest and up to the road at Sie.

Heading out from Solvorn

The forest path was easy to follow, although this route is not widely used.

View from the route up to Sie (Side)

I jogged until I found the tractor road going up the north ridge of Storehaug. A narrow path then led us up to the summit point.

On top of Storehaug

We continued down the south side of the ridge and went to the right (north) when we ran into an intersecting tractor road. After a while, I realized that this road would not take us down to Fevoll in a easy manner.

I went back and found the correct tractor road which took us down to Fevoll. Here, I found the marked path that would take us to Solvorn.

At approx. 370m,  we came to a fork, where we went left and down to Huarplassen – a stunning viewpoint high above Solvorn.

Solvorn seen from Huarplassen

From Huarplassen, the path runs pretty steep down to Øvrabø. We jogged along the main road until we met Anne, who came to meet us.

The 11,7km and 800 vertical meter route took us 3 hours.

Trip tracks

Pictures from Monday:


Tuesday afternoon and today my choice for the evening hike fell on Nonshaug (Skinarfjellet). Anne and I had previously been to this top, but from the other side.

I decided to take the same route up to “Skaret“, as I did when I hiked Solvornnipa, but from a different starting point. This time, we started down in Solvorn and followed paths and tractor roads until we joined our route from Saturday at approx. 140m.

My route, up and down Nonshaug

At Skaret, we went off-trail and aimed for Nonshaug. The terrain was slightly cumbersome and I decided to take a different route back down.

On top of Nonshaug

We only stayed for the pictures, then headed down further north of our ascent route. The terrain was wet after rain and not very pleasant. Back at Fjellstølen, we followed our ascent route until I could see the Setålen buildings. We went over there, as I knew that I could follow a different path down.

View on the way down from Nonshaug

At 200m, we were back on our ascent route once again and returned to Solvorn. The 10km and 950 vertical meter route took us 2h:25m.

Pictures from Tuesday:


Wednesday afternoon, and as the children’s parents would return in the afternoon, I wanted to be there when they arrived. So there was only time for a short hike. I took Karma and headed up to Huarplassen above Solvorn.

Solvorn view from Huarplassen

We returned via Galden – a 2,8km very nice roundtrip route.

Our round trip hike

It was too late to return to Sunnmøre, so we decided to spend the night in Anne’s house in Sogndal and drive to Sunnmøre on Thursday afternoon.

Another Solvorn view from Huarplassen


Thursday afternoon, and Anne and I were on our way from Sogndal to Sunnmøre. I decided to walk the dog on Støyvafjellet on Utvikfjellet. Due to Anne’s recovery from a fractured spine in the back, she would walk the road towards Fløtravarden on Utvikfjellet. We would meet at the Utvikfjellet parking.

I wanted to explore a new route and from Byrkjelo, we drove in the direction of Torheim. On the map, I could see a path going up to Støyvastøylen, and from there I could get to the main road via another path.

Our route across Støyvafjellet

The road towards Torheim was plain torture. A truck had spilled gravel on the asphalt and it was horrible to drive on this gravel!

Eventually, the drive became aware of the problem

The next surprise was on the forest road that we turned on to. The road had collapsed approx. half way, but with only 1,1km to go to the forest path, it wasn’t too bad. I took Karma and started jogging while Anne drove back to Byrkjelo and then up to Utvikfjellet.

Ouch! Not worth while taking a risk here…

The forest path was surprisingly nice! I had perhaps expected a path that was barely visible, but this seemed to be a very popular route!

On the path towards Støyvastøylen

Just before Torheimstøylen, we left the path and headed off-trail to the top of Støyvafjellet.

Very NICE view from the path!

From here, we continued off-trail until we met the main trail by Fløtratjønna. When we returned to the parking, Anne was not there, so we found a rock to chill on, while waiting for her.

Reuniting with Anne

Pictures from Thursday:

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