Kyrkjenibba, May 25 2018

Starting on the “Honndalen quest”

Kyrkjenibba, seen from Stryn

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Kyrkjenibba 1400m 330m Stryn, Norway

For the past few years, I’ve had this plan to complete all pf100 tops on both sides of the Honndalen valley. At this point in time, I was 8 tops short of completion. I decided to do something about that this summer, and on this beautiful Friday afternoon I decided to start with Kyrkjenibba.

Hiking a 1400m mountain after work on a Friday may seem like … a lot. But as I could park at approx. 460m (Bøasætra, near the Stryn skiing centre), the total vertical gain would be 1110m+. Which isn’t a whole lot when you’ve been doing this for a couple of decades…

The route from Bøasætra

The first part of the hike is up to Bubergskaret (907m). From here, we (Karma and I) had to descend approx. 100 vertical meters to the top of the Fagerdalen valley.

@ Bubergskaret. The distance to Kyrkjenibba (background) is PLAIN wrong!

The amount of snow was like I had expected. I was curious about the creeks and rivers coming down from the mountain tops. They could be quite wide in the snow melting period. Fortunately, I found a snow bridge that took us safely across the river from Trollvatnet.

Our route ahead. Kyrkjenibba in center

Ahead of us was a fairly gentle and snow free 600 vertical meter hillside. I found high motivation when the goal was so close and really enjoyed the ascent. Karma could find running water everywhere and seemed quite happy. Nice views, we had too…

Rokkekjerringa (left) and Hornindalsrokken

We reached the top of Kyrkjenibba exactly 2 hours after leaving the car. Having previously been to Natakupa (also 1400m), the views were quite familiar. Nevertheless nice!

Panorama from Kyrkjenibba

I thought hard about also visiting Steindalsegga (1366m), but the time was now 6:30pm and I wanted to get back home and enjoy whatever was left of the Friday. We took the same route down and returned to the car 8:13pm. Which meant I would be back home around 9:45pm. Plenty of Friday left, and now I really had found inspiration to visit this area. (Less than 1,5 months after this hike, I had done 7 of the 8 remaining tops surrounding Honndalen)

Lake Strynevatnet seen from Kyrkjenibba

Trip statistics: 12,7km, 1130 vertical meters, 3h:45m.

Pictures from the hike:

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