Nokkenibba, May 27 2018

Superb fjord views!

Synnylvsfjorden and Geirangerfjorden seen from Nokkenibba

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Nokkenibba 1380m 230m Stranda, Norway
Åsenakken 870m 60m Stranda, Norway

Sunday (Week 21): I let the “Honndalen project” rest for a while and decided to explore completely new terrain. Nokkenibba above Hellesylt had been on my mind for a while, and today was the day.

Passing Hornindalsrokken on my way to Hellesylt

For the 3rd day in a row, I drove from Gurskøya to Honndalen, and then down to Hellesylt and up the valley to Helbostad. I quickly found the trailhead and a signpost. Easy street! As it was yet another hot day, I hoped for several creek crossings so Karma could satisfy her thirst.

Åsenakken seen from Hellesylt. Nokkenibba is further behind.

The path up to Vindholen (approx. 600m) seemed well worn. A female hiker started out at the same time as me, and Vindholen was her destination. I don’t like being behind other hikers, so Karma and I soon passed her and continued our way up the forest, along the nice path.

Vindholen – and great scenery

There were indeed plenty of creeks along the way, so even if Karma’s tongue seemed to reach record levels, at least she got to drink as much water as she pleased. And it looks to be a great year for the grouse. I see them everywhere…

“Come with me, please…”

We continued up to a pass where the path turned east – towards the top. I lost track of time and elevation and just when I thought we were about to reach the top, we were on a plateau at approx. 1200m and the summit was still 0,5km away.

OK … not quite there yet…

But eventually we reached the top, approx 1,5 hours after heading out. Now I was quite close to mountains I had only seen through the zoom lens. Nice!

Karma and me on Nokkenibba

After a nice stay on top, we descended back down to the pass and continued west towards Åsenakken. From here, we had a grand view towards Hellesylt.

Hellesylt seen from Åsenakken

I saw a path going down southwest and I had a feeling it would take me to the bridge close to Stadheim. It was tempting, but I didn’t look forward to the 3km walk back to Helbostad, so I decided to return the way we came.

Karma on Åsenakken

There is however a path from Åsenakken to Vindholen, so we got *some* new terrain on the way down. When we returned to the trailhead, I was *very happy* with this walk. Great mountain, great views and great weather. I promised myself to return to this area soon. Which I did – 5 days later – hiking Lianibba and Hurklutefjellet.

The route

Trip statistics: 10,8 km, 1300  vertical meters, 3h:25m.

Pictures from the hike:

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