2018 Week 42

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

Kjøsnesfjorden, Jølster

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Orkja 948m 470m Jølster, Norway WCP
Hildrehesten 740m 486m Haram, Norway WCP
Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein, Norway WCP
Lidaveten 592m 439m Volda, Norway WCP
Djupvikhaugen 98m 29m Herøy, M&R, Norway

Orkja (948m), Oct 15 2018

Orkja by lake Jølstravatnet

Monday:  After spending the weekend with Anne in Sogndal, I began my journey home after work. The weather was nice and I stopped a few times for pictures.

Blånipa in Fjærland

At some point, I had to walk the dog and figured that Orkja by lake Jølstravatnet would be a perfect place. I chose the route Anne and I did back in 2012, although I suspected that wasn’t the normal trail. On my way up the Dvergsdalsdalen valley, I looked out for signposts, but didn’t see any. Clumsy me. It was there, and I saw it when I drove down the valley, after the hike.

After locating the same place we started out from in 2012, Karma and I followed the path up the forest. The path was visible, but clearly not frequently traveled.

On the way to Orkja

The forest part was uneventful, except for when Karma walked into a “dead end“…

Oh, Karma…

Eventually, we rose above the forest part and when we reached the mountain plateau, Orkja was 0,8km to the northeast. The path wasn’t very visible on the plateau, but no path was needed anyway.

Dvergsdalsdalen view

The summit offers a nice view towards the village Skei, in addition to numerous mountains in all directions.

On Orkja, with Skei in the background

As I wanted to get back home before it got too late, we jogged down the mountain and returned to the car 1h:18m after leaving it.

I passed the Olden village before the last rays of sunshine disappeared from the Skåla mountain.

Skåla – I’ve run up this mountain. 1850 vertical meters. 1h:41m.

Trip statistics: 4,5km, 500 vertical meters, 1h:18m

Pictures from the hike:

Hildrehesten (740m), Oct 16 2018


Tuesday: Ålesund day, and after work I drove to Haram to visit Hildrehesten (the Hildre Horse) – a mountain I’ve been to several times during my years in Ålesund. But this would be Karma’s first visit.

We drove to Gjerset, where I parked the car.

The Gjerset trailhead

Then followed a 2km walk up the forest road until it was time to turn left by the Urkedalsvatnet/Tinden/Hesten signpost.

Turn left here

On my way up the forest, I met a woman who told me that she had done the majority of trail marking in this area. We talked a bit about voluntary work on trails (as I’m also in that game) before we parted.

Her first name escaped me. Last name Tennø. Probably a legend in these parts…

It’s been many years since I was up here, and it was really nice to be back!

Lake Urkedalsvatnet

We continued up the south ridge and I tried to keep a good pace. I had a long drive back to Gurskøy, and I wanted to be home so that dinner didn’t become night food…

Up the south ridge

We reached the top, Karma received a treat, I enjoyed the view and took pictures. And then we turned around.

Tverrfjellet and Gamlemsveten

I didn’t follow the path down from the top, but instead went off-trail in the massive boulder area below the top. That was a mistake, as it didn’t save me any time. On the contrary.

Why did we go this way???

When it was time to turn left towards lake Urkedalsvatnet, I continued straight ahead and found a path across Gamletorvet, which took us to the end of lake Gjersetvatnet. From here, we followed the forest road back to the trailhead.

The route

Trip statistics: 9,7km, 750 vertical meters, 2 hours

Pictures from the hike:

Huldrehornet (271m) , Oct 17 2018

Back on Huldrehornet

Wednesday: Another work session in the Huldrehornet forest. Some progress, day by day. It was nice to see this overgrown path turn into an autostrada, little by little.

And afterwards, the usual trip across Huldrehornet…

Trip statistics: 10,3km, 610 vertical meters, 2,5 hours

Pictures from the hike:

Rjåhornet (600m),  Oct 18 2018

Not a nice day…

ThursdayBad weather day! On such days, Rjåhornet from Stemmedalen is a good alternative, because if the rain showers get too bad, there are a few places we can seek shelter. Including the two Tussa buildings on top.

You don’t have to tell a dog where to find shelter…

The weather didn’t invite for creative round trip alternatives, so we hurried down the way we came up.

Trip statistics: 6,1km, 600 vertical meters, 1h:17m

Pictures from the hike:

Blåtind (697m), Oct 19 2018

The route

Friday: It’s been a while since I hiked Blåtind (the highest point on Hareidlandet island) via the Svenskevegen path, and so that was exactly what a planned to do this Friday afternoon.

The starting point is Gjerdet (near Eiksund) and when Karma recognized the trip, she took off like a rocket. Blåtind = smell of hare. Not that I ever let her out of my sight so she can go hunting, but you can’t take the dream away from her.

Hey! Wait up!

Then followed a 1,9km hike along the fjord – up, down, up, down. It looks like a flat curve on the total track, but there are some vertical meters involved.

Down at sea level before the real climb begins…

Then follows a steep 400 vertical meter ascent up to Eiksundsætra.

Don’t go here if you’re easily scared…

And from Eiksundsætra, there’s 300 more vertical meters to go…

At Eiksundsætra. Blåtind above.

Eventually, we reached the top and enjoyed a short stay on top before we moved on.

On top of Blåtind

We then went down to Grøthornet, and then took a direct route down to Gjerdet. The first time I did this route, I was able to follow the vague path all the way, but I have not been able to repeat it since then. The worst part is the upper juniper bush. Once in the birch forest, you can go any which way you please.

Trip statistics: 6,7km, 760 vertical meters, 2 hours

Pictures from the hike:

Lidaveten (592m), Oct 20 2018

The route

Saturday: I drove to Berkneset – to try out a brand new route (to me) to Lidaveten. This route runs up the northwest ridge, and I had heard good things about this route. So, I looked forward to it. I parked by Berknes Maskin and found the “Lidaveten” signpost.

The trailhead

The hike up the forest ridge was mighty nice, and I soon knew that this would be my favorite route to Lidaveten.

Nice path!

After crossing Tua, we began the final climb of the 150 remaining vertical meters.

The summit seen from Tua

It’s always nice to be on top of this mountain!

View from Lidaveten

For descent, I decided to head down the Steinnes route, to see if I could find the path through the felled area that I totally missed one week earlier.

Give me some signs…

It definitely helped coming from above, opposed to below and I was able to follow the path through the felled area.

The definition of an obstacle?

Back on the main road, we had only 1,3km to the car.

Trip statistics: 5,6km, 580m vertical meters, 1h:35m

Pictures from the hike:

Huldrehornet forest, Oct 20 2018

My patient comrade…

Still Saturday: After the hike to Lidaveten, Karma and I went into the Huldrehornet forest to continue on our trail work…

Trip statistics: 1,9km, 100m vertical meters, 1 hour

Djupvikhaugen (98m) / Huldrehornet forest, Oct 21 2018

The bridges are now a huge blessing…

Sunday: The weather didn’t invite for anything else but returning to the Huldrehornskogen forest and continue on the trail work. As I hadn’t any plans to hike across Huldrehornet, we stopped by Djupvikhaugen on the way up – just to have a top to connect the hike to…

Trip statistics: 3,2km, 120m vertical meters, 1,5 hours

Pictures from the hike:


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  1. What wonderful hikes. I am blown away by the sheer amount of spectacular sites. And your trusty hiking partner is very cute. You both must be super fit! Thanks so much for sharing.

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