2019 Week 2

Mixed weather weeks continue…

Sometimes, life is just good…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Aksla 188m 188m Ålesund, Norway WCP
Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein, Norway WCP
Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Lidaveten 592m 439m Volda, Norway WCP
Tuva 63m 36m Hery, M&R, Norway
Melshornet 807m 564m Ørsta, Norway WCP


Laupsnipa (558m), Jan 7 2019

Starting point, sea level (@Voldnes)

Monday: This hiking (and some skiing) week started out with a hike from Voldnes to Laupsnipa on Gurskøya, along the normal route.

I had some hopes to get some good after dark pictures, but the wind was just strong enough to disturb the camera.

View towards Hareidlandet, on the way to Laupsnipa

At the top, I had to decide what to do next. Return the way we came, or descend (off-trail) to lake Voldnesvatnet and follow the vague path down the mountain?

Karma on Laupsnipa

I’ve done the route down to the lake 4-5 times, but always in daylight. The terrain seemed altogether different in the dark, but I decided to give it a go. As long as I found the lake, I would be able to find the path. But first, a quick visit to Keipen – a pointy top with a hilarious drop beneath.

Below the pointy Keipen

The descent from Keipen went OK. I had no idea where I was at any given time, and all of a sudden I had a strange looking object ahead of me. That turned out to be the lake, and soon after, we were on the path. Thanks to Karma, we were able to stick to it all the way down the forest.

The route

Trip statistics: 6km, 600 vertical meters, 2 hours

Aksla (188m), Kråkeskar (153m) , Jan 8 2019

The route

Tuesday: Another working day in Ålesund, and after work I chose the Aksla mountain for the afternoon hike. The mountain is only 188m above sea level, but I was determined to get at least 400 vertical meters on this hike.

We started out from our regular trailhead – Gangstøvika – and followed the forest ridge across Kråkeskar before heading up to Rundskue – the highest point on Aksla.


Then we headed down to the dams and followed the road down to Vannspringdalen.

Passing the dams

From downtown Ålesund, we headed into the town park, aiming for the 418 steps up to Fjellstua.

On the park, with Fjellstua high above

At Fjellstua, I could enjoy a really nice view towards Ålesund.

Ålesund – one of the prettiest towns in Norway!

Afterwards, we returned to Gangstøvika along the lit trails. A very nice hike!

Trip statistics: 8,3km, 410 vertical meters, 2h:06m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the hike:

Garnestua (653m) , Jan 9 2018

The route

Wednesday: Oh my, this was a strenuous hike! We started out from Ytre Haddal and the forest offered much more snow than I had expected.

Strenuous, and this was just half the amount as higher up (taken on the way down)

Karma didn’t initially seem bothered, at first. But after she had blown most of the steam, she fell in behind and I had tried to break the trail extra good so that she didn’t have to “swim” upwards.

Eventually, we reached the top and Karma went into resting mode. She almost never, ever does that.

On top of Garnestua

The descent was of course much easier…

It was just that kind of winter’s day…

Need a face clean?

Trip statistics: 5,4km, 600 vertical meters, 1h:50m

Huldrehornet (271m) , Jan 11 2019

The route across Huldrehornet

Friday: Anne came up from Sogndal in the afternoon, and I invited her to join me for some trail maintenance work in the Huldrehornet forest. She was pretty beat up after a hard week, but decided to give it a go.

Into the forest. Unpleasant weather…

It didn’t take long before she found that she didn’t have the energy for the trail work and a round trip hike across Huldrehornet. So, we agreed that she would return the same way, while I took Karma across Huldrehornet.

On Huldrehornet

We kept a pretty good pace up and down the mountain, but I didn’t expect my car to still be there. But it was, and I could see Anne’s headlamp in the forest. She had NOT expected to see us by the car…

Trip statistics: 3,3km, 250m vertical meters, 1h:15m

Lidaveten (592m),  Jan 12 2019

Our route across Lidaveten

Saturday:  On this grey day, I invited Anne for a round trip hike across Lidaveten. She had never done the route from Berkneset before, and in addition, I wanted to show her my newly discovered forest trail to Bøen, leaving us with only 400 meters along the main road.

Heading out from Berkneset

There was no snow at the trailhead, but a thin layer a bit higher up on the forest ridge.

Up the ridge path

The hike got much nicer once we were above the forest and could take in some views.

Above the forest

Liadalsnipa looked impressive from here. It’s not a place people go in winter, but both Anne and I have been there on snow. That was somewhat scary…

Liadalsnipa (normal route runs up the left flank)

After crossing the meadow from Tuva, there was only one hill left.

The final hill

Back on Lidaveten – along a new route for Anne!

Anne & Karma on Lidaveten

Even on a grey day, the views are pretty nice from up here…

View from Lidaveten. Liadalsnipa in center.

We descended the route towards Eidem. Much more snow on this side! And mud. Lots of mud. Then we took the “newly discovered” forest path towards Bøen, followed the old road until we reached the main road. After 0,4km along the main road (on sidewalk), we crossed the ridge on Berkneset and returned to the car. A mighty nice hike!

Descent towards Eidem (in the pass)

Trip statistics: 6,4km, 610 vertical meters, 2,5 hours

Pictures (Canon 80D + Iphone) from the hike:

Tuva (63m) , Jan 12 2019

Saturday: After the Lidaveten hike we went to Volda for lunch and groceries. The ducks have taken over downtown.

I should be careful with graphics, not knowing the difference between males and females…

Then we noticed one that did absolutely not belong there

A Mandarin duck – in Volda!

Once done with Volda, we began the drive back home. Along the way I asked Anne if we could do a hike across Tuva and around lake Aursnesvatnet. I wanted to show her this nice route.

Around lake Aursnesvatnet

And she did enjoy it. I can tell, because she started looking for places to camp.

Crossing the drain from the lake. Not much higher than the sea…

Karma, on the other hand… Can’t tell. She’s an enigma

Walk me through this, will you? What are you doing there?

Trip statistics: 3,3km, 140 vertical meters, 50 mins

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the hike:

Melshornet (807m) , Jan 13 2019

Anne, testing out new equipment

Sunday: Our first ski-trip in Møre & Romsdal county this year. Anne and I drove to Helgatun to ski Melshornet. The weather was not great, but the nice thing about the Helgatun route is that you are in shelter of the worst weather most of the way.

On the way to Melshornet

We were definitely not the only ones going to Melshornet this Sunday…

Holy cow!

But as we approached higher ground, it began to snow. Which is only nice in itself, but combined with a strong wind, it could be rather nasty

Hmm… not very nice…

In the final hill, one of Anne’s skins wouldn’t stick, so Karma had to give her a helping hand.

Goooooood dog!

It wasn’t pleasant on top, but we’ve definitely seen worse.

Both eager to go, but they KNOW they have to wait for the picture to be taken…

On the way down, Anne got to try her new skis – mountain skis with randonee bindings. Although it worked OK in this hill, it’s not her best investment. She’s the first to admit it.

Very, very, very nice…

It was nice to go skiing again. Ready for more!

Nice colors, seen from the trailhead

Trip statistics: 6,4km, 590 vertical meters, 1h:44m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

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