2019 Week 17

Increasing the “new top account”

Svinøya lighthouse

Peaks visited (Click on the Peak name link to go directly to the chapter):

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Rjåhornet 600 107m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Rjåhornet 600 107m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Snaufjellet 893m 247m Ørskog, Norway WCP
Gjøna 531m 163m Sande, Norway WCP

Høgeheia, Tjørnåsheia, Fløyen, Apr 22 2019

Monday: See separate trip report

Rjåhornet (600m), Apr 23 2019

Rjåhornet view

Tuesday: Today’s mission on behalf of the local trail group was to add more sticks on the Djupvika – Rjåhornet route.

Here we go again…

And it was a glorious day…

One can survive a heavy load with this nice weather…

I carried the backpack full of sticks to the top, as they were more needed in the upper region.

Arriving on Rjåhornet

On top, the usual ritual occured. Karma waited for her summit treat and daddy took pictures.

Yup, coming…

And then, daddy went to work

Man @work…

Trip statistics: 6km, 600 vertical meters, 1h:50m

Pictures (Iphone) from the trip:

Rjåhornet (600m), Apr 24 2019

Back again…

Wednesday: Another mission on behalf of the local trail group, but today, no heavy load was involved.

Leikong seen from Nakken

The first task was to cut bush on the path from Djupvika to Nakken (180m).

On Nakken

Then we aimed for Rjåhornet

To Rjåhornet

On the way down, my main mission began – to replace old worn and torn reflective tape on the sticks. People *do* hike here after dark. And I’m one of them, and I enjoy the “sea of lights” when I descend with my headlamp.

Precision work. Karma is a hard, but fair judge…

Trip statistics: 7,8km, 660 vertical meters, 1h:45m

Pictures (Iphone) from the trip:

Snaufjellet (893m), Apr 25 2019

Joy on snow…

Thursday: After work in Ålesund, I felt for a proper “workout“, which in my world is walking up a mountain as fast as I can. Sometimes, I can run, but not today. Today, I would just walk quickly…

I decided to drive to Sjøholt (a half an hour drive east of Ålesund) and hike Snaufjellet. I decided to follow the forest road to Liasætra, like I did on skis back in 2006.

The hike begins…

It took us 23 minutes to reach Liasætra (1,9km), in a moderately good pace, and 0,5km later, we passed Gamle Liasætra. The mountain part of the hike was about to begin.

At Gamle Liasætra

The path took us up Øyagrova, and I expected it would run all the way up to Tovardane.

Towards Øyagrova (the valley)

So I left the path after a while, and headed straight for the top.

Off-trail to the top

We reached the summit 1h:13m after leaving the car, and after 5,1km on and off-trail.

On top of Snaufjellet

It was nice to see the “good old” Vaksvika mountains again. Except for a visit to Lauparen last year, it’s been a while since I was up there.

Vaksvika mountains

On the way down, I was jogging and more or less stuck to the marked path and we returned to the car exactly 2 hours after heading out. It was indeed a good workout.

On the way down from Snaufjellet

Trip statistics: 10,3km, 800 vertical meters, 2 hours

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Gjøna (531m), Apr 26 2019


Friday: Normally, I would either be on my way to Sogndal, or wait for Anne to come to  Sunnmøre. But there was a change in the plan, and I wouldn’t be on my way to Sogndal before Saturday. So, I decided to pay visit Gjøna on Gurskøy island a visit – along a new path that I recently discovered, but yet hadn’t hiked.

The rightmost route was new to me

The new path started just west of Muren, and it went more or less STRAIGHT UP! My kind of route!

Straight up here! Happy days!

I didn’t notice the small parking area above the road, so I parked alongside the road and hope anyone didn’t smash into it by the time I returned.

Parking above this signpost…

First, the path took us through the forest and up to Storholen (66m). I don’t know why that is a named point, so we just moved on. I was so happy seeing the sticks go straight up the mountain. That’s the way I like it…

On our way from Storholen

I am a big fan of the coastal top Gjøna. The hike from Haugsbygda across Saursegga is awesome (you can search for it on this site). And, it wouldn’t be the last time I went up here. But I realized that the path is much more fun dry than wet…

A nice viewpoint, along the way…

It took us 40 minutes to ascend the 530 vertical meters to the top. I wasn’t FAST, but effective. And once again, I could enjoy the views from this nice top.

On top of Gjøna

It was long clear that for my descent, I would take the other path down to Muren, via Selhaugane.

Passing Selhaugane

We were back at the car 1h:20m after leaving it. Nice hike!

Saursegga and Gjøna (right)

Trip statistics: 4,5km, 530 vertical meters, 1h:20m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:


Markesetholten, Øygardsfjellet, Hustaket, Apr 27 2019

Saturday: See separate trip report

Vollaviki – Vetlesand, Apr 28 2019

Sunday: See separate trip report





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