Lomsjøvola, July 25 2019

The final top on our “mini-tour” in eastern Norway

Lomsjøvola was my 15th top in 7 days

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Lomsjøvola (Lomsjøvorda) 1056m 323m Alvdal, Norway

Thursday: We woke up in our tent to yet another gorgeous day. It was time to get back to Sogndal, as we would have to drive to Bergen later in the night – to catch the morning flight to Cyprus!

Rise and shine!

On our way from Alvdal to Folldal, we decided to drive up to lake Lomsjøen and hike Lomsjøvola. It was high time to walk the dog!


Lomsjøen was a lovely place, with cabins scattered around the north side of the lake. On the map, we saw a path up the southwest ridge and drove as far as the road let us. We had a nice chat with a woman in the cabin by the parking area, and she confirmed that there was indeed a nice path up the ridge. She told us that it would be easy to miss if we weren’t keeping an eye out for it.

Heading for the southwest ridge

After 1km, we found the ridge path, after keeping a good eye out for it. It was indeed a nice path that took us straight up to the top.

Not the hardest hike we’ve had…

2,7km after leaving the car, I could add another top on my list. It feels just like putting money in the savings account. Every time!

On Lomsjøvola

This was the first time on this mini-tour in eastern Norway that we saw the Rondane peaks.

Rondane peaks

Another prominent mountain in this region is Store Sølnkletten – visited back in 2003.

Store Sølnkletten

We enjoyed the view towards lake Lomsjøen before heading back down.


We took a different path down, but it disappeared after a while, so the descent was partly cumbersome. But altogether, a really nice hike!

Returning to the car

Trip statistics: 4,7km, 260 vertical meters, 1h:20m

Pictures (Canon 80D/Iphone6) from the trip:


On our way to Sogndal, we stopped by Sognefjellshytta to stretch our legs. They’ve really created a nice round trip hiking path up here!

Stretching our legs on Sognefjellet

And the views are second to none!

Fannaråken and Steindalsnosi

I can’t wait to return to the Smørstabbreen glacier and hike more peaks. Like Store Smørstabbtind:

Store Smørstabbtind

… or Sokse:


Pictures (Canon 80D) from the walk:

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