Hotel day, July 30 2019

A bit of running, some walking and a lot of snorkeling…

The good life…

Tuesday: Our fifth day on Cyprus was spent at or near the hotel. We figured we had earned some rest after the recent hiking, and we both looking forward to spend some time in the water.

Oh, we DO enjoy this…

I was initially going to call this report “Resting day“, but after breakfast, I did a 10km run along the beach, in the direction of Limassol centre, in 30 deg. C. So, “resting” is a bit stretching it.

30 deg. C. early morning…

Then followed a number of trips into the water by the hotel. The water wasn’t very clear and there wasn’t really much exciting to look at. But, you get to enjoy what you have…

Optimistic every time we dived under…

There were some shoals of fish, and the “big” shoals was pretty cool to observe. I tried to make friends with them, but they would just not have me…

The wow-factor wasn’t off the charts, but it was still quite nice…

The more time I spent in the water, the more I enjoyed it. I had heard rumours about larger fish that had been seen here, and who knew – we might just get lucky.  But we didn’t, of course. And, we were OK to settle for the little ones.

Hello friends. We’re back…

In the afternoon, Anne and I took a 5km walk in the opposite direction of which I ran in the morning.

Blue: My run in the morning. Green: My walk with Anne in the afternoon. Covered a bit of the coastline near Limassol…

And the rest of the day was just a food festival

Not really hungry after a very late lunch, but … here goes…

A day off from hiking every now and then is with the acceptable framework, but I looked forward getting back on the trail the next day.

Pictures (GoPro – mostly) from the day:

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