2020 Week 35

Local walks and one really, really bad day…

Spotting birds on Runde island
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
24.08.2020 Heida 239m 126m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
25.08.2020 Ramnefjellet 444m 76m Hareid, Norway WCP
25.08.2020 Hovdenakken 474m 176m Hareid, Norway WCP
26.08.2020 Rundebranden 294m 141m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
29.08.2020 Veten 521m 13m Ulstein, Norway WCP
29.08.2020 Sneldelida 633m 104m Ulstein/ Hareid, Norway WCP
30.08.2020 Selsteinen 598m 90m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
30.08.2020 Storehanen 493m 67m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP

Heida (239m), Aug 24 2020

The route up and down Heida

Monday: The week started out by truly miserable weather. It was raining cats and dogs and it was a pure miracle that I was able to drag myself across the doorstep. I had originally planned to hike Gyrinakken, but once on the trail I settled for the shorter route to Heida.

Change of plan; going to Heida instead

It was indeed a less memorable walk.

On top of Heida

Trip statistics: 2,8km, 185 vertical meters, 45 minutes

Ramnefjellet (444m), Hovdenakken (474m), Aug 25 2020

Our route across Ramnefjellet and Hovdenakken

Tuesday: Anne came to Sunnmøre, as I needed her to drive me to and from Ålesund the next day, in addition to look after Karma while I was going through a medical examination. I was fasting and didn’t have a lot of energy. But, the dog needed to be walked. I could always ask Anne to do it for me, but I felt that a hike across Ramnefjellet and Hovdenakken was something I could handle.

Ramnefjellet ahead. Hovdenakken to the left.

The weather was fairly OK when we headed out and also when we passed Ramnefjellet. I had some hopes that we could return to the car fairly dry.

On Ramnefjellet

Things still looked fairly good when we began our ascent up Hovdenakken.

Towards Hovdenakken

But Hovdenakken was not a nice place to be today. We hurried down after having performed the usual rituals (pictures, GPS waypoint, treat for the dog …)

On Hovdenakken – for a brief moment

We took a different route back to the car, and the trail was just … SOAKING WET. There’s no other way to put it… 

Trip statistics: 5,1km, 350 vertical meters, 1h:25m

Rundebranden (294m), Aug 26 2020

Our route on Runde

Wednesday: Holy cow, this was a bad day. Not only was I fasting, I also had to “clean the system” and woke up at 2am with … “things to do“. But as time went by, I got more and more dizzy and then got really, really sick. I collapsed on the bathroom floor and hit my head in the fall. For a while, I thought that “this was it“. The bathroom floor looked as if the shower had gone berserk, but it was just me sweating. After a while, I recovered enough to call on Anne – sound asleep. According to the Doctor, I had a sudden drop in blood pressure – not very uncommon, given the circumstances.

Later in the day, Anne drove me to Ålesund for my medical examination and I was barely able to put one foot in front of the other, due to a splitting headache. Fortunately, they gave me enough drugs and the examination was over before I knew it had started.

Feeling much better afterwards, 50% drugs and 50% relieved this was over, we returned home where I had a very unproductive working day until I logged off at 4pm. Anne wanted to do a field trip to Runde and I decided to come along. The daily walk is in the bone marrow. The day I don’t walk is the day they carry me out…

Being a park ranger – primarily in Jostedalsbreen National Park, Anne also looks after Runde (famous bird island) when she’s visiting me on Sunnmøre. We headed out from Goksøyr and enjoyed the nice afternoon and my … revival.

Heading out from Goksøyr

Her primary goal for the day was to inspect the wooden walkways. If maintenance is required, she makes a note of it, and fixes it the next time she’s around.

Checking out the woodwork…

She has no business on the top of Rundebranden, but I do. So, she comes along…

On Rundebranden

Part of the job is to keep an eye out on the birds

Anne @work

… and they were here today as well. Especially the Northern Gannet (Havsule)

It’s crowded down there…

This is quite an astonishing island, most known for the puffins. But this was off-season for them.

Runde island

Not so for the Great Skuas. They’re not the least shy and it’s not uncommon to find them on the busy trail.

Great Skuas along the trail

But if you get to close to the younglings, the parent will launch an air attack. So be warned!

Just before the attack from the sky

Eventually, we headed back down and I concluded that one of the worst days in my life had a fairly nice end to it. And, it was really good to be eating again!

Trip statistics: 4,4km, 300 vertical meters, 1h:33m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

Saudehornet (1303m), Aug 27 2020

Thursday: See separate trip report

Sandhornet (909m), Aug 28 2020

Friday: See separate trip report

Veten (521m), Sneldelida (633m), Aug 29 2020

Our route across Veten and Sneldelida

Saturday: Another “orange” day (which means my body let’s me go on a little hiking, but doesn’t initially want to), but it’s at least better than pure “red“.

The weather wasn’t the best either, and I decided that my ambition was to get to top of Veten above Flø before the rain sat in.

Veten above Flø

And, if the weather wasn’t too bad, I could always continue to Sneldelida. That would be a decent round trip hike.

I parked at the entrance to Midtflødalen valley and walked along the car road for 0,6km before I took a short-cut towards the forest path. I enjoy this path. It’s pretty much straight up!

Steep ascent up to Veten

We stopped for a view towards Flø. The rain still hadn’t come along, which was a bonus!

Karma overlooking Flø

But, just as we reached the top, I could feel the first raindrops.

On top of Veten

Still, I decided to go through with the hike to Sneldelida. I didn’t care if there was some fog on top.

Towards Sneldelida

But, if I had remembered how cumbersome the off-trail hiking up here is, I would probably not have gone this way. But, at least we were closing in, bit by bit.

SO fed up at this point!

The weather on top of Sneldelida was not nice. It was just a matter of getting a picture and a GPS waypoint and then we were off.

On Sneldelida – for just one minute…

The 4,5km along the Midtflødalen road was kind of boring, even if it stopped raining…

On the Midtflødalen road

Trip statistics: 11,2km, 710 vertical meters, 2h:25m

Selsteinen (598m), Storehanen (493m), Aug 30 2020

Today’s route

Sunday: I woke up on a “green” note, which meant that I *felt* like hiking and decided to make progress on the Øyrahornet – Selsteinen route that I’m in the process of marking.

But this time, I would start in Moltudalen, not Tjørvåg. The only issue was the weather. Not exactly what was promised!

“sound of fingers drumming”

I waited in the car for ~15 minutes and noticed that it was raining less. So, we headed out.

Heading out from Moltudalen

Again, the backpack weighed in at 22kg, which is a decent load up the hill I was heading for…

For the community!

The comfort is that it was only this load and then the final one. The total will be 7 or 8 loads. . I actually lost count.

Selsteinen up to the left

Eventually, we reached the top of Selsteinen and I had only downhill from here. At least with sticks on my back.

On top of Selsteinen

There’s always time and opportunity to enjoy the views, especially when the weather has changed from foul to excellent.

Coastal view, with annotations

Then we headed down to the Slettheia – Selsteinen saddle and picked up from where we finished last time.

Where we finished last time

I know it’s a fair question why I wasn’t working my way *down* the mountain, and there are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, it’s easier to find the best route heading *up* and secondly, I want the endpoint to be the last point marked.

And – we’re ON!

Back on Selsteinen, I decided to include Storehanen on my return hike

On Storehanen

And, we had some more good views before descending the steep route towards Kvia, before breaking out on Blåfjellstien – back to the trailhead.

Some go north, some go south…

Trip statistics: 8,3km, 570 vertical meters, 2h:45m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

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