2020 Week 41

A good week on Sunnmøre and in Sogndal

Sunnmøre alps come into view
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
05.10.2020 Rjåhornet 421m 68m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
06.10.2020 Koppefjellet 940m 602m Volda, Norway WCP
08.10.2020 Leinebjørnen 271m 108m Herøy, Norway WCP
09.10.2020 Orkja 948m 470m Jølster, Norway WCP
10.10.2020 Lingesetfjellet 1002m 184m Sogndal, Norway
10.10.2020 Dueskardhøgdi 986m 33m Sogndal, Norway
11.10.2020 Store Haugmelen 1172m 974m Sogndal/Luster, Norway WCP

Rjåhornet (598m), Oct 5 2020

Our route up and down Rjåhornet

Monday:  We started a new week with gorgeous weather and although I was tired after an intense working day, I was able to scramble enough strength to aim for Rjåhornet.

Heading out from Stemmedalen

It didn’t take long before energy was filling up again, mostly thanks to the nice weather.

View towards Lidaveten

On the top, we were granted some mighty fine views. Although the views are familiar, the combination of light and clouds was a bit special.

Cool clouds

And it’s simply not allowed to grow tired of the view towards the Sunnmøre alps.

View across Haddal, all the way to Ørskogfjellet

Trip statistics: 6km, 600 vertical meters, 1h:32m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Koppefjellet (940m), Oct 6 2020

Our route up and down Koppefjellet

Tuesday: Again, stunning weather and today I planned already in the morning that I would hike Koppefjellet from almost sea level. With only 3 hours of daylight, 900 vertical meters and almost 5km to the top could be a “stretch“, but I imagined I could do it in 2,5 hours and be back down before it got dark.

Karma and I started out from Vassteinen and had a good pace up the steep forest.

Up this way

It felt good to reach Vassteinsætra and see the whole mountain ahead of me. I didn’t find any path leading up the mountain so I just sat a course straight towards it.

Koppefjellet ahead, aiming straight for it

Another “milestone” was to get to the top of the ridge. Only a little bit to go…

The summit comes into view

Even though I was in hurry, I had to stop several times to capture the nice evening light.

Snøhornet across the valley

We reached the top of Koppefjellet 5:42pm, 1h:25m after leaving the car. That was 5 minutes ahead of schedule and I could spend a few minutes taking pictures.

On top of Koppefjellet

The Volda-Ørsta “skyline” is a mandatory shoot…

Volda-Ørsta peaks seen from Koppefjellet

Upon descent, we took a slightly different route down the mountain and joined our ascent route just south of Vassteinsætra.

Vassteinsætra with Skarphornet above

As mentioned, the plan was to be back at the car 2,5 hours after leaving and we returned after exactly 2,5 hours! And no, I didn’t stand around the corner waiting for the clock to read 02:30…

It was an awesome hike. Not something normal folks do after work with limited daylight left.

Sky view, back at the car

Trip statistics: 9,4km, 925 vertical meters, 2h:30m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Leinebjørnen (271m), Oct 8 2020

Our route across Leinehornet

Thursday: Had to skip hiking on Wednesday as Karma got sedated so that the Vet could clean her ears. She’s had an ear infection for far too long. Unfortunately, she got a hot spot where the needle went in, and I had to treat this hot spot for more than one week.

But today, she was eager to get out into the terrain. She wasn’t 100% so we settled for an easy hike across Leinebjørnen on Leinøya island.

Starting out in the forest

We followed the west ridge up from Skardet and had a nice view towards Leine and Leinehornet along the way.

Leine and Leinehornet

The weather was still OK, although rain was lurking in the distance.

View towards Eggebønes and coastal islands

We passed the top and continued down the normal route to Frøystadskardet.

On top of Leinebjørnen

This would be the last hike back home for some days. Tomorrow, we would go to Anne in Sogndal.

View towards Ulsteinvik. Rain is moving in

Trip statistics: 4,5km, 290 vertical meters, 1h:03m

Orkja (948m), Oct 9 2020

Our route up and down Orkja

Friday: Transport day (Sogndal), but as I got to leave work a little earlier, there was time to hike Orkja above lake Jølstervatnet.


The time was just before 5pm when we reached the trailhead in Dvergsdalsdalen and I remembered that my previous hike here only took an hour. As such, I could leave the headlamp in the car.

At 5pm, we were on our way – up an extremely muddy and wet trail.

On our way up Orkja

Above ~850m we ran into fresh snow, although just a tiny layer.

On top of Orkja

After a couple of pictures, we headed down. The pace was good as I wanted to see if I could still make it down within the hour.

View towards Skei

We returned to the car 52 minutes after leaving, and I was quite happy with that! And after changing clothes and cleaning the dog, we continued towards Sogndal

Along Kjøsnesfjorden

Trip statistics: 3,1km, 500 vertical meters, 0h:52m

Lingesetefjellet (1002m), Dueskardhøgdi (948m), Oct 10 2020

Our route. Yellow=bike, green=on foot

Saturday: Now that Anne finally had gotten her electric bike, it was high time it got tested. I didn’t want anything to do with that bike, old school and grumpy as I am.

The plan was to bike up the road to Lingesetefjellet and hike the short distance up to the top. We started out at the local airport – Sogndal Lufthamn Haukåsen (~500m elevation)

Ready to go!

The good news was that now – Anne (easily) kept up with me. Actually, I struggled to keep up with her. And Karma was just happy to be hiking with mommy and daddy again.

Happy dog!

We biked up to almost 900m, and the uphills were murder for me. Anne was just pressing some buttons and biked up the hills without even breaking sweat

Pretty high on the mountain

We left the bikes and sat course for the top – along the most complicated route we could find…

Scrambling as much as we could…

It’s always nice to come here. The fjord view is terrific!

On Lingesetefjellet

We agreed to stretch the hike a little longer and headed for Dueskardhøgdi – 1km to the southwest – along the most complicated route we could find…


And then it was posing time

On Dueskardhøgdi

Karma was having a great time and was all over the place – within the allowed perimeter that she could “operate”…

Karma, looking for adventures

While returning to the bikes, I asked Anne if it was OK if Karma and I continued down to Fimreite, as I had never taken that route before. She would return to the car and pick me up later.

Descending from Dueskardhøgdi

The first part of the mountain path was just awful to bike.


Then it got slightly better and we got to Dueskard, safe and sound.

At Dueskard

The path from Dueskard was a disaster due to deep tractor tracks and mud. As I was concentrating to maneuver safely down the road, a dog suddenly appeared in front of us. That distracton was all it took to send me across the handlebar, head first.

The landing was OK, but I cut my hand on a rock and was bleeding enough to call for the first aid kit to come out of the backpack. The dog was leading on a family of four and they realized that the dog had something to do with my accident. I told them not to worry. I certainly didn’t blame the dog.

Trying to survive…

Once down on the forest road, it would have been nice to blast down to Fimreite, but as I didn’t want Karma to limp the next days (shoulder dysplasia) we took it nice and easy and arrived at Fimreite just as Anne got there. Good timing!

Nice view, on our way down to Fimreite

This was an outstanding trip!

Happy biker!

Trip statistics: 16,4km on bike, 3,5km on foot, 700 vertical meters, 3h:15m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Store Haugmelen (1172), Oct 11 2020

Our route up and down Store Haugmelen

Sunday: Yet another stunning day!

Stedjeåsen above Sogndal

Inspired by the nice bike trip the day before, we decided to take another one. This time from Dalåker and up to Breidesete. From here, we would hike Store Haugmelen.

On our way to Breidesete

The road from Dalåker to lake Breidesetevatnet is nowhere as steep as the road up Lingesetefjellet, and I didn’t have quite as hard time as the day before.

But in the last hill, I had to get off the bike due to a stiff back. Anne told me to take her electrical bike up the hill, which I did – even if I had promised myself never to try one.
And as I flew up the hill, I regretted switching bikes. This was just too easy. I don’t want to KNOW that biking can be this easy. I want to feel pain, sweat and satisfaction as reward.

Store Haugmelen seen from lake Breidesetevatnet

We left the bikes at Breidesete and followed a couple that knew about a path towards Vassløysa. We followed this path for a while until we went off-trail in the direction of the mountain.

A nice day in the Kaupanger forest

We had invited guests for dinner and we had a time constraint to deal with. If we weren’t at the top by 1:30p, we would have a problem with getting the food and house in order. Anne wasn’t moving as fast as I hoped she would, and I proposed that she could turn around. But she was in the stubborn mood and kept on going.

Off-trail and seemingly behind schedule

I was quite impressed with her when we reached the top of Store Haugmelen 1:32pm. Our time schedule would now work out quite well.

On Store Haugmelen

There was also time for some additional pictures below the top.

Anne and Karma with Lusterfjord in the background

This is a mighty fine viewpoint, and no wonder – as this mountain has a prominence of almost 1000m. Which means – that you have to descend almost 1000m before you can start climbing a higher mountain that would block some of the views.

View from Store Haugmelen

We left the top 10 minutes after getting there and took a direct course down the birch forest. From Breidesete, Anne took a couple of slow legs with Karma so that I could blast down some of the hills.

Leaving Store Haugmelen

Another nice trip and altogether a wonderful weekend! And the dinner with our friends was the icing on this weekend “cake”…

Trip statistics: 12km on bike, 6,4km on foot, 940 vertical meters, 3h:25m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

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