2019 Week 27

The quest for 100 new tops this year continues…

“Pølsa” on Melshornet above Ørsta

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Gryta 1032m 122m Stryn, Norway
Leinebjørnen 271m 108m Herøy, Norway WCP
Sulafjellet 776m 776m Sula, M&R, Norway WCP
Melshornet 807m 564m Ørsta, Norway WCP

Gryta (1032), July 1 2019

Our route up and down Gryta

Monday: On my way from Sogndal and home to Sunnmøre in awful weather. It wasn’t raining, it was POURING down. I promised myself that if only the rain would stop, I would do a hike on my way home.

The rain stopped when I got to Nordfjord, and I decided to hike Gryta above Stryn. It’s a fairly straightforward hike – up the slalom hill and then up to the top.

Straight up and – voila!

It would be a foggy hike for sure, but as long as it wasn’t raining, I didn’t care. I know how it looks like from up there.

I tried to keep to keep a good walking pace up the slalom hill, a bit annoyed how effortless Karma moves up a mountain. But she’s got 4 legs, I’ve only got 2. On top of the hill, I paused for half a minute before moving on towards the top.

Into the fog…

I’ve done two different routes up this mountain, and today, I discovered a third. It was just as steep as the others, but offered no difficulties.

We reached the top 47 minutes after heading out. 720 vertical meters. Nothing much to see. One picture and we headed back down, this time along a different route down the steepest part.

On top of Gryta

And once I was out of Nordfjord and into Sunnmøre, it started raining again…

Trip statistics: 5,1km, 720 vertical meters, 1h:17m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Leinebjørnen (271m), July 3 2019

Our round trip hike across Leinebjørnen

Wednesday: So you noticed that I skipped hiking on Tuesday. I sure did. I think everyone did. Still, I owed the dog a proper walk, so I chose to go to Leinebjørnen. It’s a low mountain, so there is a limit to how bad it could get up there. That said, this IS the coastline. But today, the wind wasn’t that strong.

On the ridge from Skardet

We started out from Skardet by Nerøy and soon got fairly wet by the rain and I wondered – now that we’re already wet – should we go for a longer hike? Like – across Leinehornet?

Leinehornet – the highest top on Leinøya island

On second thought – nah…

So, we just settled for the top of Leinebjørnen and took the lake Svartevatnet route back to Skardet.

Karma on Leinebjørnen

Trip statistics: 4,9km, 440 vertical meters, 1h:07m

Sulafjellet (776m), July 4 2019

Our route up and down Sulafjellet

Thursday:  Ålesund day and after work I drove to Langevåg to hike Sulafjellet. The rain had finally stopped and I was curious to get some views towards the higher mountains and see how much snow had fallen. Snow in July isn’t what you normally would expect, but in this day and age – the abnormal is the normal.

We took the route along the pipeline and up to lake Molværsvatnet. From there, I took a less used route to the top. I tried to keep a good pace and didn’t stop for pictures before we reached the top. 48 minutes was nothing to be happy about, as I’ve done the route in 37 minutes (710 vertical meters, 3km). But I’m not in tempo-shape at the moment, but trying to do something about it.

Karma on top of Sulafjellet

It was nice to be on the top. It felt like we were touching the sky

Felt as if I could touch the sky…

As for the snow – it appeared to be at around 1100m…

Not good…

I really, really like this mountain, and particularly the steep route from Langevåg. It’s perfect for hard workout at the view from the top is just great!

Ålesund view

For the descent, we took a different route down the mountain and I jogged the whole way down.

Descending Sulafjellet

Trip statistics: 6,9km, 710 vertical meters, 1h:28m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Rauma weekend, July 5-6 2019

Friday/Saturday: I drove to Rauma and returned with 6 new tops. The trip report is found here.

It was a shocking encounter with lots of snow above 900 meters, and I didn’t get the tops I originally set out to do. Nevertheless, it was a very “fruitful” trip…

Approaching the top of Tarløysa (1087m)

Melshornet (807m), July 7 2019

Our route across Melshornet

Sunday: Normally, I would use any given nice Sunday to find myself a new mountain top, but after having bagged 6 new tops on Friday and Saturday, I was more than happy to rest. I slept until 11am. That’s unheard of. Can’t remember last time that happened. Nevertheless nice…

So, later in the day, I took the trip to Ørsta, to hike Melshornet fra Rystefeltet. Probably my favorite route on this mountain.

Very nice path into Osdalen

We headed up Osdalen and then the steep route up to “Pølsa”. The view from up here is phenomenal (picture on top of the page).

Then we followed the ridge towards Melshornet.

Towards Melshornet

From the top, I did another round of pictures as the view from up here is just stunning…

Ørsta view from Melshornet

I had planned to walk across Vardehornet on the way down, but ended up walking around lake Dinglavatnet and follow the path down to Ossætra, before joining my ascent route.

Looking down on Dinglavatnet

Yet another nice hike on Melshornet!

And the dog seemed happy too!

Trip statistics: 7,5km, 800 vertical meters, 2h:13m

Pictures (Canon 80D+Iphone) from the trip:

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