Fedalsnibba, Aug 4 2019

The last day of my summer vacation

Fedalsnibba (left) seen from Storskredfjellet in 2010

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Fedalsnibba 1609m 1066m Stryn/ Stranda, Norway

Sunday: It was the last day of my 4-week summer vacation. It had been a quite memorable vacation, even though I worked a couple of weeks in the middle of it. I could look back on an epic expedition to Beerenberg on Jan Mayen, a very enjoyable mini-tour in eastern Norway – with Storsylen as the highlight, as well as a fun week on Cyprus – where Anne and I visited Mt. Olympos – among other tops.

Now, I was back home on Sunnmøre, after having visited Daurmål (on my way home from Sogndal) the day before. The weather was still great and since I had hiked a 1000m+ prominence top the day before, I decided to end my vacation with another 1000m+ prominence top. The choice fell on Fedalsnibba – on the Stranda/Stryn border. Which also means on the county border between Møre og Romsdal and Sogn og Fjordane. That would be at least 5 lists on peakbook.org – right there.

At the trailhead in Frøysadalen

I drove to Frøysadalen, which is a relatively long drive (within the same county) from Gurskøya. I knew Frøysadalen from my visit to Bustegane in May. A guy I spoke to at Frøysa back then told me that he had hiked Fedalsnibba straight up from the cabins by Djupgjølet.

The hike didn’t start on a good note. There were cows everywhere. I am not afraid of cows, but I don’t want to walk straight through them with a dog. After an unpleasant detour, I had passed the cows and found myself by the cabins by Djupgjølet. Due to fog, a direct ascent was out of the question.

The adjacent valley – leading up to lake Vatnedalsvatnet (and Bustegane)

So, I decided to try my luck in the Botnen valley. I followed a visible path into the valley, but it ended and I faced a bush war. The fog had started to lift, and I saw no apparent route from the valley and up to the ridge above. I came to the conclusion that this was a no-go. Shit happens. Goes with the trade.

So, I decided to hike Svartefjellet instead. Which meant I had to get into the other valley – and up to lake Vatnedalsvatnet. But there was no way I would return down to the cows. I therefore decided to short-cut through the forest, below Klypfjellet and Bustegane. It would be a painful ordeal, but I decided to go through with it.


When I got to the river, I noticed a path leading into Botnen valley and after thinking about it, I decided to follow it. I would probably not make it to the top today, but at least I would know the area a whole lot better.

When I got deeper into the valley, I could actually see a potential route which I hadn’t seen before, partly due to fog, then sun against and shadows. Not only did it look potential, it looked very doable. And furthermore, there was a boulder field that would minimize the bush war.

The route I decided to go for

The ascent was hard. It was a hot day and the terrain was not very friendly. But it got a whole lot better when I got to the boulder field. There wasn’t a whole lot of water up here, but Karma found a small stream of water here and there and got by.

Finally – on rocks!

After a while, I got a good overview of the valley below…

Botnen valley and Frøysdal

When I was below point 1440m, I decided it was too steep to hike straight up to it, so I maintained my southeast course and eventually topped out on the ridge – 650 meters south of point 1440m.

“Curving” around 1440m (left), aiming for the far ridge

Reaching the ridge was a milestone. The summit was still more than 1km+ hike ahead, but that was insignificant at this point. I was on the ridge. The rest would be a bonus.

On the ridge, looking north towards point 1440m

The hike up to the top went across boulder, but of the friendly sort.

Fedalsnibba ahead

When we finally reached the top, 2h:40m after heading out, I was so happy. I had been thinking about this top for years, and now it was finally “in the bag”.

Happy dude and dudette…

I had imagined that I would be hiking this mountain from Flo (on the Stryn side). If you think you’ve heard that name before, you’re probably a soccer fan. Jostein Flo (Sheffield Utd.) and Tore Andre Flo (Chelsea). Yup…

Flo is below us, and we can’t see it from here. But, the view is still nice!

The views from up here are stunning. I saw a number of fine peaks that I had already done, and many more that I still hadn’t been to. Those peaks give me energy and drive. Can’t wait to get to them…

North view from Fedalsnibba

After a nice stay on top, we took the same route down. On my way down the ridge I noticed that it was indeed doable to get on this ridge from Fedalen – east of Botnen. Perhaps choosing Vollset as the starting point would have been better. I guess I will know in time. It’s definitely a trailhead I will visit…

Heading back down

Getting back to the cabins by Djupgjølet was a real bummer. The cows seemed to have multiplied, and now they were absolutely everywhere – by the cabins, by the river and even in the woods. The detour was even more obnoxious than on our hike up. But, eventually we reached the car – 5 hours after heading out.

But all in all, it was a really good hike.

Trip tracks

Trip statistics: 13,1km, 1300 vertical meters, 5 hours

Pictures (Canon 80D/Iphone6) from the hike:

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