Helleberget, Dyrhovden, Sep 13 2020

A nice walk in the Sogndal backcountry

Paying attention to the small things…
Tops and places visited
Peak/Place Height PF Location
Helleberget 988m 108m Sogndal, Norway
Dyrhovden 943m 85m Sogndal, Norway

Sunday: I arrived in Sogndal the day before. I was going to take my 4th week of vacation the next week, with no particular plans other than to drive Anne to eastern Norway on Thursday.

For our Sunday walk, Anne proposed Høgehaug as the destination. None of us had hiked from Rindabotn (Hodlekve skiing centre) in summer/autumn before and Anne wanted to check out the new wooden walkways she had read about in the newspaper.

I didn’t feel this quite matched what I had hoped to be the Sunday walk, so I proposed that we should hike from Rindabotn to Øvstedalen. Which would make the hike all the more interesting, despite the extra logistics. We had to leave one car in Øvstedalen before heading up to Rindabotn.

Our route from Rindabotn to Øvstedalen

At 11:16, we were ready to go!

On a bike road, for a couple of minutes

I am not sure what type of path I had expected from Rindabotn, but it was clearly one better than what we found. The wooden walkways were MOST welcome!

Wow, this will surely help!

The path was as wet and boggy as it gets…

This is not so fun…

Eventually, we left the normal route to Høgehaug and sat course for Helleberget.

Towards Helleberget

Karma and I had been to Helleberget earlier this year, on one of the most awful ski-trips ever. The fresh snow on Blåfjellet reminded me all about it…

On top of Helleberget

Then we sat course for Fjærlandsete. The plan was to take the normal route to Øvstedalen via Furesete.

Lake Fjærlandsetevatnet

Then I proposed that we should go to Dyrhovden instead of starting our descent. Anne, somewhat reluctant said OK, and we could once again visit the top that gave us a good laugh back in 2013, when Karma and Fryd were young puppies. The cover of a water bottle started to roll down the snow, without us being aware of it, and we were quite surprised when one of the dogs (we can’t remember which one) appeared in front of us with it. Good retriever quality!

On our way to Dyrhovden

It didn’t take long before Anne appreciated my proposal to extend the hike.

A nice autumn hike

Eventually, we reached the top of Dyrhovden where we grabbed something to eat, in shelter of the wind.

On top of Dyrhovden

From Dyrhovden, we went off-trail with a general direction towards the route from Fjærlandsete and picked up a marked route near Veslavatnet. This route took us down to Gautastølen.

Descending Dyrhovden

From Gautastølen, we followed the main route down to Øvstedalen where my car was parked.

A nice hike soon coming to an end

Afterwards, we had to drive back to Rindabotn to pick up Anne’s car, but the extra logistics was well worth the struggle. We had a very nice hike, which we celebrated at the Vågal restaurant in Sogndal in the evening…

Oh yeah! Come to daddy…

Trip statistics: 11,8km, 550 vertical meters, 3h:50m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

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