Tylderingen, Dec 31 2020

The last trip of 2020

My route up and down Tylderingen
Tops visited
Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
Tylderingen 1104m 214m Sogndal, Norway WCP

Thursday, Week 53:  The last trip in 2020 went to Tylderingen in Sogndalsdalen. Anne had things to do in Sogndal and proposed that she could take Karma and let me enjoy a good run down the mountain without waiting for the dog all the time. She’s a sweetheart!

Rush hour on Dalavegen…

When I got Tylderingen in view, I could see that there wasn’t a whole lot of snow. But clearly enough. The question was – how was the snow quality?

Tylderingen ahead

Magically as always – when there is little snow, there is always enough snow at Fretland to ski out from the car.

Heading out from Fretland

As I made my way up the forest, I started to look forward to the descent. The snow quality was excellent. I just had to make sure that I didn’t run into any rocks.

Passing Stokksete
Looking forward to some nice skiing around the bushes…

The skiing season 2020-2021 actually began during the Christmas break. The seasons have changed, and I don’t expect winter back home until March! But, so far I had tested both my skating skis, my skating skis with wax – pretending to be cross-country skis, and my mountain skis. Today, I had the randonee skis and all skis was then used during the Christmas break.

A very nice day outdoors!

When Tylderingen came into view, I decided to go for a variation I hadn’t done before. Rather than heading straight up, I followed the mountain on the east side and came up from the back side.

Tylderingen summit ahead

Along this route, a hare suddenly stormed out of a hideout and up flew three ptarmigans! I bet they didn’t share the same hideout, so they must have been really, really close – possibly without knowing about each other. Very cool!

The hare hideout

Some minutes later, I reached the top and really looked forward to the run down the mountain.

Not everything in 2020 was crap!

But first, a minute to take in the views

View from Tylderingen, direction towards Sogndal

The upper part of the mountain had hard snow. As expected. But conditions got better already after a couple of minutes.

View towards Hodlekve skiing centre

A skier and a dog were on their way up the mountain, and I could tell from a long way that this was Tom Dybwad (Mr. Tylderingen himself) and Tina. I don’t know how many times they visit this top per year, but it’s MANY. We had a nice chat before I continued my journey.

The descent was just as nice as I hoped, albeit I need some more trips for my muscles to be accustomed to randonee skiing again.

Upper Sogndalsdalen valley

After a 5 minute drive, I had moved from winter to spring…

Back in Sogndal. No winter here!

Happy new year to everyone and especially those who have bothered to follow my blog. Very much appreciated and I look forward to bring new content in the year to come!

Trip statistics: 7,7km, 600 vertical meters, 2h:02m

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  1. Happy New Tur Year to you Arnt, Anne and Karma🐾 Look forward to new trip reports, thanks for all fantastisk tur info!
    Helsing Ellen

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