Kyststien Langesund, Høgenhei, Veitåsen, Sep 11 2021

Autumn break, day 7

Enjoying the coastal terrain


Peak Height PF Municipality
Kyststien, Langesund Bamble, Norway
Høgenhei 148m 124 Bamble, Norway
Veitåsen 145m 107m Bamble, Norway

Continued from day 6

Kyststien, Langesund

The part of the Kyststien coastal trail that we followed

Saturday: After some nice days on Lifjell, we had moved to Langesund Bad – by the coastline. I couldn’t remember if I had been to Langesund before, but I was in Brevik visiting my second cousin Tony somewhere around 1996. So, I guess I visited Langesund also, while there.

As stated in my previous post, our room at the annex didn’t impress neither Anne nor me, but the dinner was excellent and the landscape was nice. As I live by the coast, my heart wasn’t skipping any beats, but Anne enjoys visiting the coast and the plan after breakfast was to hike “Kyststien” – the coastal trail from Langesund Bad. The primary goal was Sandvika.

Anne had to take a morning bath and after breakfast we were on our way. The area near Langesund bad was very nice, with bridges here and there…

Heading out from the hotel

Then followed a balancing session before we moved on.

Trying to fight age the best we can…

I enjoyed the path. In one second, it felt like some kind of wilderness and in the next, we were passing cabins that must be impossible to spot from anywhere but above.

On the coastal trail

Then Anne had to study some ducks

I’ll just wait… here…

The terrain was very much different from back home, and this particular rock reminded me more about Furteventura than Norway.

Is this really Norway?

After 3,5km, we reached Sandvika. We could have gone on but we had a good impression of the terrain by now and decided to return and visit a couple of other coastal tops instead.

Sandvika – our turnaround point

We were both surprised by the cliffs. We had imagined that the overall terrain would be less dramatic.

Very cool terrain!

Back at Langesund bad, it was time for some fun and nonsense

Oh, grow up! 😉

Trip statistics: 7km, 220 vertical meters, 2h:33m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Høgenhei, Bamble

Our route up and down Høgenhei

The closest pf100 top from Langesund Bad was Høgenheii – between Langesund and Brevik. E18 runs through this mountain.

Høgenhei – seen the next day

We followed the Omborsnesveien road to the unmarked and anonymous trailhead on the northwest side of the mountain. The path was however marked with blue paint and took us up a nice forest.

We didn’t have any rain during our morning hike along Kyststien, but now it was dripping from the sky.

On the path up Høgenhei

The path follows the edge of the cliff upwards but we didn’t get any proper views before we reached the high point after 1km.

On top of Høgenhei

And the view was the motorway

A reminder about why I moved to western Norway…

No complaints, though. One more pf100 top in the bag and I felt just a little richer. Money is surely not everything…

The building on top of Høgenhei

Trip statistics: 2km, 150 vertical meters, 0h:42m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Veitåsen, Porsgrunn

Our route across Veitåsen

We decided to visit Veitåsen – before calling it a day. Veitåsen is also a pf100 top located just west of Brevik. In order to get there, we had to get on E18 and take the Heistad exit.

We parked before the hill to Kjørholt and hiked up to the (closed) quarry – hoping there would be an easy route to the top. It was raining, but at least it wasn’t pouring!

We should have gone to the left. We went to the right

Anne picked the proposed ascent route from her map. This was definitely not terrain where we could go where we wanted. I mean that both practically and legally.

Maybe with a rope…

We found a steep, but doable route up to the upper forest.

Slippery. Especially when wet…
Why they don’t want people around…

Just as we reached the upper forest we ran into a fence that was too high to get the dog across, and we had to search until we found a place to crawl under it.

Hey, that’s not fair!

Any notion of trespassing was simply not there. At all…

It’s OK. We’re professionals.

The 0,3km hike to the high point made it to my list of most annoying 0,3km pitches ever.

Finally out of the jungle

But eventually, Veitåsen was “conquered

We both missed western Norway at this point…

Of course there was a path and we were only 40 meters away from it when we crawled under the fence. The path took us back to the quarry road we had been on earlier.

Back in the car, we stripped naked and got dry clothes back on. Making sure no ticks or deer flies got stuck.  

Before returning to Langhelle, we decided to check out Brevik. When we were downtown, I looked up where my second cousin lived and it was close by.

So, we went over there and met him just as he arrived. Even if it had been 25 years, we both recognized each other right away and we had an enjoyable (although too short) talk. He’s a busy guy, running a big business down there. And by the looks of it, he was doing quite OK (understatement). Next time, we’ll plan for a longer stay…

Second cousin Tony

Back at Langesund bad, we relaxed in the room until it was time for dinner. Again, a fixed 3-course meal. And again, it tasted bloody delicious!

Trip statistics: 2,8km, 130 vertical meters, 0h:54m

Continued on day 8

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