Arnesfjellet, July 15 2022

Summer holiday, day 12-13 – Brønnøy/Sømna

Area view from 2005. Arnesfjellet is the lower top left of Kjørsvikfjellet – towards the sea


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
15.07.22 Arnesfjellet 239m 82m Sømna, Norway
16.07.22 Honest working day Brønnøy, Norway

Continued from day 11

Arnesfjellet, July 15 2022

Friday: Base-camp Brønnøysund – at my mom’s place. It was a rainy morning, and I didn’t have any inspiration to go hiking. The only thing that could get me going was to get to a new top. After looking closely on the map, I found that I hadn’t been to Arnesfjellet before. This is a small top in the shadows of Kjørsvikfjellet. Mom and Anne wanted to come along.

We drove to Ånnvika where the map promised us a tractor road that would take us up to the pass (Stigen) between Arnesfjellet and Kjørsvikfjellet.

Heading out

It started promising and the “cow problem” sorted itself out as all the cows ran away from us. Dogs and cows together is not something I’m happy about…

But suddenly, the tractor road seemed to end. Well, technically it didn’t. It was just overgrown with up to 3-meter-high bush!

Holy moly!

We had to fight through this bush and once up in the pass, things got easier. First, we visited the lower (230m) of the two tops on Arnesfjellet.

Above the forest

Then we hiked over to the highest point, where we found a good route up the mountainside that looked quite steep from a distance.

Arnesfjellet high point ahead

It was pouring down and the wind was quite strong too! Truly miserable summer weather! But we were happy to be on a new top, no matter how low it is!

On top of Arnesfjellet

We followed the same route back to the car and returned to Brønnøysund to dry up. Due to the Roots music festival, it was impossible to get a table at a restaurant and so we ended up with Taco at home. A good Friday tradition. Mom said she had maybe tried this dish once, decades ago. But she liked it…

Drying up at mom’s place

Trip statistics: 3,8km, 350 vertical meters, 1h:40m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

An honest working day, July 16 2022

Saturday: Mom had some help and cut a lot of trees in her backyard. She foresaw that she would spend the whole summer chopping wood and asked if we could help.

I am by no means a handyman but when it comes to rock or wood, and I can help!

I surprised myself, mom and Anne by going out and purchasing a chainsaw (light and battery driven). It came in pieces, and I had to take a YouTube crash course in assembly. The safety kit consisted of gloves and glasses. The recommended trousers were more expensive than the chainsaw. I figured a cost of NOK 5300, – was enough expenses just to give my mom a hand.

We did wonders in the backyard this Saturday. With the chainsaw and an axe, I turned all the trees into perfect fireplace wood, while Anne and mom cleaned out all the bush – driving numerous times to the recycling plant with a borrowed “henger”… And mom was stacking all of the wood.

Feeling like a real man today…

By the end of the day, everything was done. Mom was truly happy. It was still impossible to order a table at a restaurant, and so we had home made pizza. Which I prefer going out on a restaurant any day of the week…

Continued on day 14

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