Vargabreen, Høganosi, Jul 3-4 2021

A superb weekend in the Aurland region

This weekend was spent in *mountain terrain*


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP
03.07.21 Vargabreen 1766m 336m Hold/Aurland/Ulvik, Norway MAP
04.07.21 Høganosi 1666m 96m Aurland, Norway MAP

Vargabreen (1766m), Jul 3 2021

Our hike to Vargabreen

Saturday: I was thrilled today. Anne and I had decided to drive up to the Aurland – Hol mountain region to visit Vargabreen – the 2nd highest top in the former Hordaland county. This was a top that I didn’t get around to do while I was living in Bergen (1998 – 2006) and as such – it was a priority!

The plan was to camp out and we were prepared to bike all the way from lake Vestredalstjørna by RV50. But when we got there, we noticed that the gate was open. We stopped a car coming down, and the driver told us that it was totally OK to drive until the road end. This would save us from 7,5km of biking – and a lot of uphill. This was totally a bonus!

Where we thought we had to park the car

I really don’t know what happened, but I freaked out a bit before the final hill and decided to park the car at 1440m. As we walked up this hill, I saw that it was totally fine to drive. It was just a 0,5km extra walk, so no big deal.

The very last part of the road was done on foot

We walked along lake Store Vargevatnet (1432m-1410m) and picked a ledge at around 1480m that looked nice from a distance.

Aiming for our campsite

I enjoyed myself big-time! En route for a top I had been thinking about for so long, going camping and in brand new terrain!

Easy river crossing…

We got to the campsite, put the tent up and figured we had found the perfect spot!

Base-camp above lake Store Vargevatnet

The time was only 3pm, so we decided to hike Vargabreen this afternoon. No point in spending hours at the campsite, doing nothing.

The hike started out by a near-accident on Anne’s part.

Ann(i)e are you okay? (musical reference)

It was quite a bit of snow left, and now we were in the month of July

Norwegian summer…

It took us 1h:20m to reach the top (from the campsite), and now Vargabreen was IN THE BAG!

The official Vargabreen high point is located on the Aurland, Hol and Ulvik municipality border – formerly Sogn og Fjordane, Buskerud and Hordaland counties. Now, Buskerud is part of Viken county and Sogn og Fjordand and Hordaland have merged into Vestland county.

On top of Vargabreen

The “strange” thing was that while I felt I was in brand new terrain, Flakavassnutane – Hordaland’s 3rd highest top – visited in 2005 – was only 4,9km away.

View from Vargabreen
Hardangerjølulen glacier

While up here, we decided (of course) to also visit the north top – also 1766m. It would be very annoying if the map authorities suddenly decided that the north top is the higher of the two, and we did NOT go there…

To the north top

There were not too many mountains standing out in the horizon, but we definitely recognized Store Skagastøstind – Norway’s 3rd highest top – 90km to the north/northeast.

Hurrungane mountain range

Once the north top was visited, we followed a route parallel to our ascent route until we were back on track at approx. 1580m.

Me and my little family out hiking again

Returning to the campsite was so nice. The spot was just perfect, with running water nearby.

Back at the campsite

Then it was time for dinner freeze dried, yet mucho tasty!

We’re hungry!

After dinner, we had to choose who would sleep inside. Karma drew the shortest straw

Well, because … you don’t pay for anything…

Time to call it a day…

The day is coming to an end

STOP looking at us that way!!!

Karma! Please go to sleep!

OK, I guess this tent is big enough for all of us…

Happy now?

Trip statistics: 9,9km, 450 vertical meters, 4h:20m
(incl. the walk to the camp)
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Samsung SM-G960F/Iphone 8) from the hike:

Høganosi (1666m), Jul 4 2021

Our route up and down Høganosi

Sunday: The weather was not great when we woke up on Sunday morning. Nothing like when I was out 4am on an … errand.

Of course, this could last…

But at least it didn’t rain.

Rigging down the camp

We rigged down the campsite and headed back to the car, but our stay up here wasn’t quite over yet.

Heading back to the car

The plan was now to hike Høganosi – seemingly a “bonus hike” from the road to lake Store Vargevatnet.

And it was all good when we headed out…

Heading for Høganosi

It got a bit steep after a while, but we found a good route up. “Good” as in – providing the rock was dry.

Up here!

But then the weather deteriorated – rapidly.

Looking back on Vargabreen – and incoming weather…

The front hit us hard on our way up to the top, and we had to put more clothes on.

Towards the summit ridge

It was not pleasant at all by the time we reached the top. We didn’t stay a second longer than we had to, before turning around.

On top of Høganosi

The “good route” was not so good now that the rock wasn’t dry anymore, but we’ve seen worse…

The descent was “twice as interesting” as the ascent

We had good clothes, but still got wet. And Karma got VERY wet

The weather is … fresh!

But eventually, we were off the mountain and could cruise back to the car where dry clothes were waiting…

Down from the steepest part

The rain didn’t take anything away from this GREAT weekend! Anne was particularly happy about us stopping in Aurland, visiting a cafe

Arnt – collecting “bonus points” by taking Anne to a cafe

Trip statistics: 6,5km, 320 vertical meters, 2h:10m
(incl. the walk from the camp)
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Samsung SM-G960F/Iphone 8) from the hike:

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