Walks in my local mountains

Arriving on top of Røddalshorn


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
07.11.22 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
08.11.22 Høgskjerva 317m 9m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
09.11.22 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
11.11.22 Heida 239m 126m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
11.11.22 Kleppeåsen 151m 98m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
12.11.22 Skaphornet 852m 244m Volda, Norway WCP MAP
13.11.22 Vardehornet 600m 60m Ørsta/Volda, Norway WCP MAP
13.11.22 Melshornet 809m 567m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
13.11.22 Grøthornet 745m 57m Ørsta/Volda, Norway WCP MAP
13.11.22 Dunderhoff 502m 35m Ørsta/Volda, Norway WCP MAP

Røddalshorn (563m), Nov 7 2022

Our hike up and down Røddalshorn and around the light trail

Monday: After work, I calculated that I had just enough daylight to drive to Leikongeidet and hike Røddalshorn.

At the Røddalshorn trailhead

We were even able to catch the last glimpse of the sunset, which was a big bonus! It’s a big difference between a sky with color and one without any.

Enjoying colors in the sky

The remaining walk to the summit was just pure fun, as I knew the sunset would still be around by the time we got up.

And sure enough…

View from Røddalshorn

After returning to the trailhead, we continued down to the light trail. The moon had come up, but the Iphone doesn’t understand what the moon is…

On the light trail

We did the full loop.

Røddalshorn in the background

It’s not too exciting to be hiking on a gravel road, but I just wanted the extra distance…

Karma was enjoying herself…

Trip statistics: 6,9km, 465 vertical meters, 1h:42m

Høgskjerva (317m), Nov 8 2022

Our hike across Høgskjerva

Tuesday: The plan was to hike Hasundhornet from Fjelle, but a signpost at Haddal said the road was closed at “Brekkane”. So, where the heck is Brekkane? Damned local names that are not on the map!

So, I tried to get there from the Ulsteinvik side. But there was massive roadwork in progress and I was not tempted to drive through.

The time was almost 4pm, which meant I had at most one hour left of light and I wasted enough time already. I drove up to Varleitet and just headed out, without any particular plans.

I immediately got on the path towards Ulsteinvik, as I didn’t remember where this path was heading.

On the path to Ulsteinvik

Eventually, we got on the forest path towards Bugarden.

On the Bugarden path

Then we got on the path towards Høgskjerva.

This part is quite steep! The picture is not telling the thruth…
On our way to Høgskjerva

At least we got one named point on this hike…

On Høgskjerva

The time was now 4:41pm and it was getting quickly dark. We headed for the path at Skarpeidet and would follow it back to the car.


On the below picture, it was almost pitch dark. It’s amazing how the camera (phone or not) can find light where there isn’t any.

On the gravel road from Skarpeidet to Varleitet

It was totally dark by the time when we returned to the car (5:22pm), but because we were on a gravel road, I didn’t have to use the headlamp. It was just a matter of days before it would have to come on.

Trip statistics: 6,6km, 310 vertical meters, 1h:25m

Hasundhornet (533m), Nov 9 2022

Our route to Hasundhornet

Wednesday: I didn’t make it to Hasundhornet on Tuesday, but I could always get there today – via the path from Garsholhaugen.

On the Garsholhaugen path. Hasundhornet above
Dimnøya island

There wasn’t a lot of glow on the sky this afternoon, but I was happy that there was at least a touch of color…

View from the Hasundhornet path

The path was wet and muddy, and it was nice to get above the forest and have a bit more solid ground under our feet…

We had time to stop for pictures, too…

Enjoying the view

Even time for selfies, although the end result wasn’t quite what I hoped…


When we got to the top (4:24pm), we had just enough time to get back down before it would get really dark. I wanted to walk some more and decided that we could always walk through Ulsteinvik

On top of Hasundhornet

We parked by Sjøborg – the local hotel and culture center.


Ulsteinvik doesn’t have a “fjord path” like Sogndal, but at least it’s possible to walk a little along the fjord.

Walking along the shore

It was nice to practice a little with the camera again. It’s been A WHILE since I took a picture in the dark.

Karma – posing in front of Sjøborg

I have a dream about understanding photography one day. I don’t think I totally suck on composition, but after 25 years of taking pictures, I still don’t know a damned thing

Sky + bar = Skybar?

Like, how not to totally burn out the KONGSBERG sign at the factory…

OK, but what does the sign say?

Not knowing what I’m doing still doesn’t take the fun away. I had a good time…

The moon is about to pop up behind the hill

But now the time was to call it a day…

Kleven shipyard

Trip statistics: 4 + 2,4km, 485 vertical meters, 1h:17m + 49mins

Heida (239m), Kleppeåsen (151m), Nov 11 2022

Our route across Heida and Kleppeåsen

Friday: “Thursday?” you say? Well, Thursday didn’t invite to hiking. Pouring rain. Neither did Friday to be honest, but two days “on the sofa” is just not acceptable.

So, I drove to Vonheim to hike Heida. The original plan was to do the light trail (see Røddalshorn – Monday) afterwards.

Heading for Heida

The forest path was soaking wet, but fortunately the rain had taken a break. At least, the worst part of it…

On our way to Heida

On top of Heida, it was just windy, with a little bit of rain and a bit unpleasant. But as we still had daylight left, I decided to descend via Jøsokbakken.

On top of Heida

It would get dark when we reached the main road, and I was annoyed about not having a reflex vest in my backpack. But I had a headlamp.

On the path from Jøsokbakken to the main road

We followed the main road, and the new plan was to follow the road in the direction of Vonheim. By now, it had started to rain again. Properly!

There is a limit to how much fun this can get…

But I changed my mind and took on Kleppeåsen instead. Very, very off-trail. And in the dark. I had brought a weak headlamp and could only see what was just in front of me. But, as long as we were going *up* it was all good. And eventually, we reached the top.

On top of Kleppeåsen

We found the path to Vonheim and followed the forest road back to the car. We were absolutely dripping wet when we reached the car.

Trip statistics: 6,3km, 400 vertical meters, 1h:38m

Skaphornet (852m), Nov 12 2022

Almost at Haralddalsætra

This trip report is featured on a separate post

Vardehornet (600m), Melshornet (809m), NOv 13 2022

Our route across the Melshornet massif

Sunday: The weather was great, but it took me too long to get away from the house to pick one of the higher mountains around for a daylight hike. So, plan B was to go to Melshornet in Ørsta/Volda and pick up where I left off in terms of walking routes I’ve not done before.

A beautiful day, albeit overcast

Today’s main goal was to visit Gildrehammaren and Tverrberget. I chose to start at Klepp and follow the path upwards.

At Klepp, ready for the Gildrehammaren trail

It was really fun to find a route in this forest that I haven’t done before. I thought I had already covered the most popular routes, but clearly, I hadn’t.

Gildrehammaren ahead

Gildrehammaren (335m) offered a nice view towards Volda.

Gildrehammaren view

From Gildrehammaren, we followed the path towards Tverrberget and Lomtjørnheia. These are not tops but form a ridge leading to Niven. In the distance, we could see our next two goals – Vardehornet and Melshornet.

On Tverrberget

It was just great to be out walking today!

Karma is checking out the surroundings

Sunnmørsalpane – our local “Tatras” looked especially dramatic today…


Eventually, we reached Vardehornet.

On Vardehornet – looking towards Melshornet

Next up was Melshornet and Grøthornet.

Aiming for Melshornet and Grøthornet

Even if it was cloudy, we got some nice contrasts every now and then.

Saudehornet in the background

A quick stop to overlook lake Dinglavatnet, before moving on to the top of Melshornet.

Lake Dinglavatnet

I always enjoy the view from Melshornet towards Ørsta. It’s … grand!

Ørsta view from Melshornet

It was weird to not see fresh snow this late in November. There was a thin layer of snow on Melshornet on Oct 15th and the higher mountains were all white then!

Sandhornet seen from Melshornet

We headed over to Grøthornet and then went off-trail in the direction of Dunderhoff. When we came upon 3 grouse, Karma went into hunting mode (standing perfectly still on 3 legs). When the birds took off, Karma wanted to chase them but gave up without trying because she knows she is not allowed to. Not that she would ever catch the birds in flight, but I want to have total control.

Live another day!

Then we hiked across Dunderhoff – or Kåkehaugen as the map says. It’s an insignificant hump, but it was a hump that I hadn’t been to before. Hence significant

On Dunderhoff

On our way down, we could see Melshornet and Grøthornet mirror in lake Skitnevatnet.


We got onto the Volda – Dinglavatnet road but didn’t follow it for long. We turned onto the path towards the waterworks, but halfway down the forest, we took the Raudmyra path.

On the Raudmyra path

This path took us down to “Panoramavegen” and from here, Klepp wasn’t too far away. I really enjoyed this hike!

At “Panoramavegen”

Trip statistics: 11,9km, 900 vertical meters, 3h:06m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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