Molden, Jan 15 2017

An unforgettable ski-trip

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Molden 1121m 808m Luster, Norway
Rising above the fog

Little did Anne and I know that this ski-trip to Molden, on a fairly grey day – dominated by fog, would be one of our finest trips in a long time.

Molden, seen from the air (2007)

We headed out from the parking, on the road to Mollandsmarki. To our delight, there were snowmobile tracks up the forest, making life a whole lot of easier for Karma. At least so we thought. But apparently, she likes it better off-trail


After a while, we caught up with Anne’s colleague Liv. We skied with Liv up to Svarthiller, where she decided to wait for her husband, who started out after we did.

At Svarthiller

On the way up the mountain, I suddenly got a feeling that we could actually rise above the fog. And sure enough, a few minutes later…


Wow! what a bonus! We didn’t see this one coming…

It doesn’t get better than this!

Being above the fog is always epic

Just can’t believe it…

This was, without a shadow of a doubt, my finest trip to Molden. Ever!

Show-off. Viking style…

And my girls didn’t seem to disagree, either…

A Molden moment…

The descent was fun beginning to end, captured on this video clip (choose HD if you bother to watch)…

After a very enjoyable ski-trip, we decided to celebrate with a nice dinner at the Malin restaurant in Sogndal…

This was not our dinner, but a nice welcome greeting

Pictures from the trip:

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