Steigbergtinden and Sunset, July 25 2020

Summer vacation, day 7

Continued from day 6

Steigbergtinden. Rugged!


Peak/Place Height PF Location
Petroglyphs, Sagelva Hamarøy, Norway
Lunch, Forsbukta Steigen, Norway
Steigbergtinden 342m 242m Steigen, Norway
Sunset, Engeløya Steigen, Norway

Petroglyphs, Sagelva, Hamarøy

This turned out to be a very memorable day! After spending the night on Saltfjellet, we continued north – with Steigen as the destination. But before going through the 7km long Steigen tunnel, we stopped by Sagelva as we saw the “Helleristninger” (Petroglyphs) signpost.

Information at Sagelva

The reindeer carved into the rock didn’t do so much for me, but it was a welcomed break from all the driving.

The Petroglyphs

The most fun part was to balance along the fishway

Balancing our way down the fish stairs

Pictures (Canon EOS RP):


Lunch, Forsbukta, Steigen

Once past the Steigen tunnel, we looked for a place to stop for lunch. Sagelva wasn’t a place I wanted to enjoy lunch. Too much people.

But we found a nice picnic area by Forsbukta, with a nice view towards Hamarøy peaks – and Hamarøyskaftet especially.

A reminder to not forget about the small happiness while waiting for the big one…

Hamarøyskaftet was also a peak we were to climb 2 days later. We were quite excited!

Hamarøyskaftet – holy cow!

Finally in Steigen – for the first time in my life. I’ve been close many times, but this was the first time I’ve gone through the tunnel.

Lunch in a majestic landscape!

I just knew that our stay here would be a good one!

Thanks for your hard work!

Pictures (Canon EOS RP):


Steigbergtinden, 342m, Engeløya

We agreed that we should look for a place to spend the night on Engeløya island. We wanted to find a nice turnout alongside the road, close to the sea. We drove up to Bøsanden but didn’t find a place that matched the criteria. Spending the night in a camping area with a bunch of other people was totally out the question. Especially on a Saturday evening.

Eidtinden near Bøsanden

Eventually, we found a nice spot on the north side of Steigbergtinden.

Our base-camp for the night, below Steigbergtinden

As it was still early in the evening, I suggested to Anne that we should try to hike this top from the other side. Which meant a 2km bike-trip to Vollmoa, where I remembered having seen a potential ascent route.

On our way to Vollmoa. Our ascent route was where the sun shines

The grassy hillside between Steigbergtinden and the eastern top looked very nice from a distance. It was however not so friendly when we got there. First, we had to fight our way through the forest, cross a boulder area and “grassy hillside” was really steep and the grass was high.

On our way up Steigbergtinden

But eventually, we reached the saddle between Steigbergtinden and the eastern top. Little did we know that we would be visiting two of the peaks in the background the very next day.

Finally on the ridge

The good news was that there was a path, albeit vague. But, it took us past obstacles along the ridge.

Steigbergtinden summit ahead

But the summit itself seemed to be the primary obstacle. I would be surprised if we were to find a safe way up there!

Hmm. Does NOT look trivial…

When we got to the only place it seemed possible to get to the top, we had to leave Karma behind. I went on an exploration mission and reached the top without any particular problems and returned to Anne to guide her.

Finding my upwards. It’s easier than it looks

The crux is a short climb from the forest and up to a ledge. Getting up isn’t difficult. At least not for those who are used to this type of terrain. Getting down here requires some coordination of hand- and footholds. It is quite understandable that some would turn around at this point.

Anne arrives on the ledge

Once on the ledge, there is a natural zig-zag route to the summit. It’s super-easy scrambling but one point is very exposed.

The scrambling part is over and Anne is happy!

Anne was on the brink of tears when she reached the top. Not from being afraid about the scramble or the exposure but from the beauty that opened up in all directions. I was really happy myself, not because of the views but because it was so darn fun to find a route to the top.

On top of Steigbergtinden

Steigen! We are SO happy to be here!

Two happy ones on Steigbergtinden

We could look straight down on our (rented) car – approx. 340m below us.

Our rented RV – directly below us

Across Vestfjorden, we could see Vågakallen. I had absolutely no idea that I would be standing on top of this peak one week later!

Vågakallen (Lofoten)

After a short and nice stay, it was time to get back to Karma. I mentioned that one point is particularly exposed

Easy does it…

The “grassy hillside” was just as painful going down, but it felt easier because we had reached the top.

Heading down

And then we sat course for the car and for a very nice evening!

Returning to the car

Trip statistics: 2,1km (foot), 2,8km (bike), 380 vertical meters, 2h:13m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone) from the hike:

Sunset, Engeløya

When we returned to the RV, the first thing Anne did was to jump into Vestfjorden.

Anne is tough when it comes to low sea water temperatures

Getting to bed early was never an option on this gorgeous evening.

Quality living…

We visited the beach several times…

Happy dog, happy daddy

And then the view towards Lofoten turned into pure magic.


We stayed up until the final glow had gone.

Will it ever get better than this?

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone):

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