Raudsjøpiggen, Brurhøgda, Jul 21 2021

Summer vacation, day 3

Our route across Raudsjøpiggen and Brurhøgda


Peak Height PF Location
Raudsjøpiggen 1306m 219m Tolga, Norway
Brurhøgda 1287m 157m Tolga & Rendalen, Norway

Continued from day 2

While waiting for the weather in northern Norway to improve and allow for nice kayaking around Rødøy, Bjørn Eirik, Anne, Karma and I were on standby in nord-Østerdalen. We had set up a lavvo in Raudsjødalen, near the DNT hut and this morning we would visit Raudsjøpiggen – a quite distinct peak in these parts.

Heading out for Raudsjøpiggen

As we passed “Meieriet” (a dairy) we hoped that we would be back before they closed, to enjoy sour cream porridge. That would the perfect end to a hike that would surely be nice!

“Meieriet” in Raudsjødalen

Ref. Wikipedia: “ The Rausjødalen Dairy  (Norwegian: Rausjødalen setermeieri) was Europe’s first dairy cooperative north of the Alps. It was built in 1856 in Raudsjødalen (the Raudsjø Valley) in the municipality of Tolga, Norway. It was originally established under the name Rausjødalen Meieri. It is the predecessor of today’s Tine company.”

A perfectly good path leads all the way to the top of the mountain. This was something we did appreciate as moving around in this terrain off-trail is quite tedious…

Closing in on Raudsjøpiggen

The summit was surprisingly rocky, compared to the surrounding terrain and it was nice to be up here.

On top of Raudsjøpiggen

We were now only 13km southeast of the place we camped in 2019, when Anne, Karma and I hiked Teldalsvola and Store Bjørsjøkletten. From Teldalsvola, Raudsjøpiggen looks like this:

Elgspiggen (left) and Raudsjøpiggen

So, what next? My initial plan was to hike Skittenkletten but when I saw the terrain – for the most part Reindeer lichen – I was no longer so motivated.

View towards Skittenkletten and a lot of Lichen!

Instead, I proposed that we could go to Brurhøgda – a plan the others went along with.

On our way to Brurhøgda

It was a nice day. Not too windy, sunny and no mosquitoes.

If Anne is happy, I am happy…

Bjørn Eirik wasn’t in any particular need to reach the top of a mountain and decided to chill on the northwest side of Brurhøgda while Anne and I continued towards the high point.

But what was the high point? The map had two 1281m and one 1282m point. The 1282m point was (of course) the one furthest away. However, it looked lower than the other two. To be sure, I had to go there and check. It was a potential 1,5 wasted kilometers. Anne took a chance that the middle top was the highest.

Anne, resting on the middle top (and also the highest)

She was right. The easternmost top was clearly 5-6m lower than the middle top. Stuff for nerds. Stuff that matters…

On the easternmost top. I think Karma understands that this a wasted 1,5km

We headed back the same way, not sure what Bjørn Eirik had decided to do – hang around or head back. It turned that he was hanging around, chillin‘ to the bone.

We’re one group again

We then decided to return to camp and moved on, but in different directions. Anne and Bjørn Eirik headed for the river while Karma and I went on a detour across Brennhøgda (1163m). Brennhøgda was a completely insignificant top in every way but it was a hump and it had a name. Hence – irresistible to me…

On Brennhøgda. Karma has lost track of mom but I still see them

We rejoined by the river and relaxed a little bit before returning to Raudsjødalen.

A nice break by the river

We got to “Meieriet” before they closed and they had sour creme porridge left. Hoorray!

Party time!

In the evening, we decided to grill food inside the lavvo. The grass wasn’t very dry and we took every measure to do this safely. Big fun!

Let there be fire (and food)

It was altogether a very nice “waiting day” and as we were bound to stick around here for at least one more day, I was excited about what the next day would bring.

I hadn’t quite landed after the intense months of working. There were some issues at work which normally would have fallen under my responsibility. Rather than starting up my work PC (yes, it was with me), I was on the phone with my colleague – trying to fix the problem. I hoped that the problem would be solved and that I eventually could stop thinking about work. The tension headache was still clinging to me like a bad habit…

Karma has few worries in life. I am a bit envious…

Continued on day 4

Trip statistics: 19km, 980 vertical meters, 6h:10m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/ Iphone8) from the hike:

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  1. Hi Arnt, I’m glad that you are back! I missed your stunning trip reports und I really worried that something severe happened to you. Thumbs up that the project at work is on track and that you are doing well!

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