Velsvikskåla, Nov 5 2022

A strenuous and fun round-trip hike!

Our hike across Skåla
Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
05.11.22 Tuva 643m 59m Vanylven, Norway WCP MAP
05.11.22 Velsvikskåla 1008m 369m Volda, Norway WCP MAP

Saturday: I don’t see a lot of mountains from my backyard, but I do see Velsvikskåla above Rovdefjorden. Aka Vedeldskåla. A mountain Anne and I skied back in 2010. From Løndalen.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about hiking on the side facing me. For instance, a complete round-trip around the “bowl”. Norwegian mountains named “Skåla” typically have a very distinct “bowl”.

And today I decided to make the trip. The weather wasn’t the best and it was raining when we took the ferry from Årvika to Koparneset. It would probably have made more sense to drive to Volda and take the Lauvstad ferry. But that ferry doesn’t run very often, while the Årvika – Koparneset runs every 30 minutes. It’s been a while since I drove past Syvden anyway, so it was an easy decision.

Tuva (left) and Skåla seen from the ferry. Skoratinden to the right

I had been at Høystøylen once before – in 2011 when I skied Koppefjellet and Høystøylfjellet. This time I didn’t take the road to Høystøylen but followed the gravel road marked “Velsviksætra”. This road quickly got too rough for my taste, and I parked near the river.

View from the trailhead. Tuva in center. We came down the ridge to the left

We followed the gravel road up to the point where the Tuva ridge begun. The terrain was cumbersome. Bush, turfs and altogether WET.

On our way to Tuva
View down to the trailhead

But little, by little, Tuva got closer. This is not a peak per se, but with a primary factor of 59m, it’s interesting to me. So, I was quite happy when we finally reached the top.

On our way to Tuva – with Skåla in view

We were seemingly in the outskirts of the rain showers. I could feel some raindrops every now and then, but not enough to put on more clothes. Bonus!

A mighty fine view from Tuva

After a – yes – 59m descent, we took on the remaining 400 vertical meters to the top of Skåla.

To Skåla!

While Tuva belongs to Vanylven, Skåla belongs to Volda. We were now hiking along the Vanylven/Volda border. Sundneshornet (907m) belongs to both municipalities, and I’m not quite sure why I didn’t bother to swing by the top. Probably because of the primary factor – only 13m.


Karma was having a mighty good time on this mountain. I’m not sure what got her so triggered. Probably the scent of deer further down and grouse higher up.

Earth to Karma…

We crossed a rocky ridge called Blånipa (977m) before aiming straight for the top.

Skåla seen from Blånipa

And then we were up!

On Skåla, aka Velsvikskåla, aka Vedeldskåla

It was quite windy up there and I hoped that we didn’t get to feel the rain showers that seemed to be stuck around Syvdsfjorden. The combination of wind and rain would not be pleasant. I figured we should not stretch our luck, so after a round of pictures we sat course for Nottegga – the northeast ridge.

View from Skåla

I wasn’t 100% sure that we would be able to get down along this ridge. It looked quite steep seen from the trailhead, but at the same time – not impossible. It was just hard to say from that far away. But then I noticed that there was a vague track, and where would that track take us – if not down?

Nice shades and colors on Melshornet

It was a steep drop to our right and I made sure Karma didn’t get some crazy ideas along the way…

Going down the Nottegga ridge

We lost sight of the track, but the descent was super-easy and soon we were on a broader ridge – on our way to Halsen and Herdakollen.

I was thinking – if I were to do this round-trip again, would I still be ascending via Tuva or along this ridge? The conclusion was easy. I would do the exact same round-trip hike.

Karma was quite busy checking out the views…

It was a bit unclear what was best to do when we were off the mountain and down by the river. There was a large field on the other side of the river, and it felt tempting to go there. We immediately found a good place to cross the river, and once on the other side – we found a tractor road that we followed all the way back to the car. Another bonus!

Looking back on our round-trip hike. Tuva to the right

I enjoyed getting back to the car, thinking about the warm shower once back home. It had been a strenuous, but very fun hike! If you’re not afraid of stepping outside the paths, consider it!

The “Syvden alps” seen on the way to the ferry

Trip statistics: 8,7km, 960 vertical meters, 2h:57m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max)

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